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ThunderThighs wrote:Perhaps some people could chime in here to explain this better.

From my own experience, this is not the kind of heater you sit under your desk or directly in front of you to get warm fast. Those are typical blow hot air space heaters.

This is one that you sit in the corner of the room and leave running to gradually bring the room up to a comfortable temperature and maintain that temperature by continually circulating the air in the room.

Does that explain it fairly accurately?

Yes, to echo someone else. This isn't an infrared heater whose warmth you can feel on your skin. Also, the volume of air it pushes would make you feel chilly if you directed it at you. The fan alone will circulate air in a heated room so there are no hot or cold spots. This is especially nice if you have high ceilings as we do. As I have said before, all 1500 watt resistance heaters are created equal. Some feel hotter because they have no fan and heat is dispersed through convection. This one uses a fan and seems cooler/less efficient, but it's producing the same amount of heat.


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ckeilah wrote:I found one reference that indicates that this puts out 770 BTU/hr. I probably lose 10x that through air in/egress.

1500watt output is over 5,000 btu, depending on whether the fan power and other factors are part of the overall wattage rating.

If your heat loss for the space is 7,700 btu, investing in insulation and draft stoppage would be more suitable in terms of comfort and economy. Obviously, this heater isn't going to cut it.

As to your other posts re Honeywell, maybe those space heaters work well for you. If so, good. But Honeywell in general isn't a brand to look up to anymore. They've had space heaters melt down. Honeywell's track record on other items is easily hit or miss. You can see it in the reviews of when they started pushing their gen sets. Or a few years ago with their residential safety control devices, like pressure cutoff switches for boilers, which they didn't test and calibrate correctly before the product left factory--nothing like the potential for your boiler to either not fire when heat is called or potentially over steam pressurize and take out your boiler/furnace room/basement when the temperature-pressure valve has to blow off instead.


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KLD wrote:Bought one the last Woot. Disappointed. Have had other space heaters that are much more efficient and effective. This blows the air around but even on high is not very warm. Regret the purchase.

I completely disagree. The air is not particularly hot, but the way the air circulates is what makes this heater great. I got one in the Woot a few weeks ago and let me tell you...we had an oscillating ceramic heater and it just couldn't do the job to warm our 30'x20' game room which is part of our house here in MA, but is over top of an unheated garage and has vaulted ceilings, no room above to help insulate it and windows that are drafty, and this thing keeps the room a nice toasty 72-74! The ceramic heater put out HOTTER air to be sure, but it just didn't GO anywhere except up in the rafters! I suspect that the larger the room, the more efficient the heater becomes opposed to regular oscillating heaters.


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Meh....adequate, but not as good as the DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic heater I got off Woot a long time ago. That baby heats!


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Bought this last time it was on Woot. It has done what I wanted it to do.

We have a large (40x40), cold, drafty basement living room in which we spend 90% of our time. We had been running the house thermostat at at least 78 in the winter months to keep it from being icy downstairs. The upstairs was boiling hot and our electricity bill was astronomical. We still spent our time downstairs huddled under blankets with cold noses.

This moves warm (not hot) air around the room, using it per the manufacturer's instructions (Fan "On" for large rooms, "Auto" for small rooms). Yes, if you stand in front of it, from time to time, the air is cooler. To maintain constant temp, it doesn't pump out heat all the time, rather it circulates the air already in the room even when the heating element is off.

We can't wander around in shorts and tank tops in the winter downstairs, but it is a darn sight better than it used to be. The chill is out of the air and I can't see my breath anymore. As primary heat, I have no idea how it would work. As supplemental heat, it does what it says it will do.


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bunfun wrote:I have a question for those who already own this - can you use this as a fan in warmer weather?



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waited for this thing to come back to warn you it only blows luke warm air if that. some times it feels like its blowing cold air. do not buy this for a heater.


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The air temperature measured with a meat thermometer coming out of the Lasko 6405 is more than 170 and out of the VH2 is less than 140 (no scale below that on the thermometer). The cord length on both is 6 ft.


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morninglark wrote:Morning all, esp. those who convinced me to stay up last night for the end of the woot off. My cat let me sleep in this morning--She didn't wake me up until after 6am. :-)

To the point and a question for the physics / heating experts.. I live in a small garage apartment, the furnace is next to the living room and the bedroom is poorly insulated. So, if I buy one of these should I put this is the bedroom, so it will be warm and the air flow will be out through the walls or should I put it in the living room so the furnace will work less or move it from room to room depending on where I am? FYI, there's a strange shaped passage/4 ft hallway between rooms, so unless the air can turn corners I don't think it will heat the entire tiny apartment ( only about 400 sq ft).

Spend some money on putting additional insulation between you and the cold night air before buying a heater fan. Having done that, your new heater fan will go a long way in keeping your apartment warmer.


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AutobahnSHO wrote:who uses a hairdryer to heat a whole house?
(cuz that's what it is, just with a bigger fan part and lowerheat.)

LOL! Now that's about the best description of this thing yet. :-D

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wootietootiefrootie wrote:Meh....adequate, but not as good as the DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic heater I got off Woot a long time ago. That baby heats!

I'll agree with that 100%! I have one of those under my desk, in the unheated room, and it immediately gets my legs warm, and the rest of me too. Hell, it'll even make the room too hot when I forget to turn it off. Now, that's something this Vortex NEVER does. Maybe I just have a dud, though from other comments that agree with my Vortex experience, I think not. I'm also disappointed in the FAN on this Vortex. It's nothing like the fan on the Vortex fans. I use one of those to get the AC back to the un-airconditioned room, and it does a good job, this just kind of nonchalantly pushes the lukewarm air down toward my feet--now THAT is the best feature of this thing! It actually blows DOWN, so whatever miniscule heat it is producing goes to your feet, or the cat lying in front of it.

All I can say good about the Vortex heater is that it just keeps my toes from freezing off... just.

It's sad to hear that Honeywell has fallen so far. They used to make good stuff. Oh well, I'm still quite happy with those little heaters.

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Bought this a while ago. Would not buy it again.


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Ok woot. You got me. After a trip to Lowe's and to Big Lots, I'm in for one. We'll see how it goes.

bakerzdosen wrote:I have to admit I'm a bit torn about this one. It finally dawned on me (evidently I'm slow - I've only lived here a little over a decade) this week that a space heater in our entry way makes it soooo much more comfy in that area (long story involving lousy insulation in the walls and poorly designed central air/furnace).

However, the Delonghi oil radiator type that I had there for this week now needs to go back to where it was, so I find myself looking for a space heater when this pops up. It's like it was meant to be (except for all of the lousy reviews...)

I have to say that I'm tempted by the price. However, I personally like radiant heaters, so if I don't fork out the money for another Delonghi I may get this woot. I was looking at the Bionaire BLP3340-U that seems to be going for $20 on ebay, but reviews on that seem even worse than this one.

I just have to decide if I want to risk this not working in the area I want it to heat. I don't need the air to circulate that much - which seems to be where this unit shines - because I want the hot air to stay right where it is.

I really like Vornado. I have an older Vornado fan that just keeps going and going, so I do typically trust the company. But then again, I have a Delonghi heater that's old enough to buy beer and still works as well as ever.

The 5 year warranty is reassuring I suppose.



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I have this room heater.I got it for xmas last year. its good but not amazing. it gets a small room warm but does not get it hot. It does not tax my electric bill either one major reason i like it. I really like the auto shut off tip over feature.


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First one worked for a week. Tiny piece of junk!


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Pleasantly surprised to see this show up at my doorstep today. Thanks Woot! For the extremely fast shipping. It's getting cold out and I was just thinking about how I'd have to wait until the end of the week to get it.

Now, I'm all warm and toasty in my place all thanks to you and your exceptional customer service.


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I want to return the one that just arrived. It does not even have a thermostat on it with the temperature. I do not like this heater!


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Useless! I purchased a $10 heater from Big Lots that puts out more heat than this unit! Waste of money!


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rakerta wrote:I want to return the one that just arrived. It does not even have a thermostat on it with the temperature. I do not like this heater!

Alas, from the FAQ:
Will I receive customer support like I'm used to?
Not quite. If you buy something you don't end up liking or you have what marketing people call "buyer's remorse," sell it on Craigslist or at a garage sale. It's likely you'll make money doing this and save everyone a hassle.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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There are selling for $17.88 at local Target stores (75% clearance) currently. Many other brands as well all 75% as they clear out the winter stuff. Great deal at that price.