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Gunnar Optiks

The eyes have it, or so they say. What "it" is exactly depends on interpretation; some cultures claim"it" is the soul, the psyche, or the very essence of oneself. For my money, "it" is the ability to perceive the world visually, but no matter who's right, "it" is worth protecting. And if protecting "it" makes you sexier, so much the better.

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Anyone have some personal reviews on these?


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I like the design of these, for sure. I look at a computer screen a lot for work. Are these worth the money? What exactly do they do? I've have had LASIK, so will they help in that department?


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I fail to see the purpose of these... unless they are for prescriptions... then I suppose but if they are just clear "safety" glasses, what is the point?

Well, by going to their website I understand... maybe a bit of actual product description would help move these... probably not.

The Problem:

You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet or TV monitor. As the hours go by, you subject your eyes to harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. Constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches, leading to an obvious conclusion – staring at a computer for long hours can take a toll on your eyes.
The Solution:

GUNNARS increase contrast, comfort and focus while minimizing eye fatigue and visual stress for anyone who spends long hours staring at digital screens. GUNNAR eyewear is powered by i-AMP lens technology comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry tuned for intermediate viewing distance and finished with custom formulated lens filters, tints and coatings.



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benc4567 wrote:I like the design of these, for sure. I look at a computer screen a lot for work. Are these worth the money? What exactly do they do? I've have had LASIK, so will they help in that department?



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well, I bought a pair of these for full price a while back and I can say I do enjoy wearing mine, and my eyes appear to appreciate them as well. My eyes don't get as tired/dry/bloodshot after long hours of data scrubbing. The magnification is there and takes a tad bit of getting used to but it is nice to have.


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I already owned 2 pairs of Gunnars, and now own 2 more. I would recommend these to anyone who spends their day in front of a computer or screen. I have let various co-workers use my Gunnars for a day, all of which eventually bought a pair of their own. It even completely took away headaches that one of our technicians would get daily.

Please note that I do not wear glasses, or have contacts, and my review is based as such. I cannot speak to the eye comfort level of someone who normally uses glasses or contacts.


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I picked up the 3D glasses when they were $10/pair before the Holidays and I like them a lot more than the crappy ones at the theater and you can also use them with a passive 3DTV if you have one. The lenses are larger, so you don't have much of the frames in your peripheral while you are watching the movie. For $8 plus shipping...I'd take the chance! Get an old sock or cheap case to take care of them...it doesn't come with anything to store them in.


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I bought a pair of these computer glasses before the holidays and tested them out yesterday at work.

I spend all day in front of a computer and I wear contacts. These glasses definitely increase the contrast of what you see on the monitor and make the screen appear brighter. They give a very slight magnification to the screen as well. To my eyes, this makes text appear to be more crisp, which is a help when reading email or looking at web pages with smaller text.

Since I've only tried them out for one day so far, I can't say that I love them or just see them as a novelty. I think they'll take a little getting used to before I can reach a final verdict.


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Going to Gunner instead of Gunnar, I would love to see Woot offer some high end (legitimate) shooting glasses. Maybe over on Sport Woot sometime.


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I've eyed the forums during the previous occasions that Woot offered these glasses, and I think it's valuable to know that Gunnar can implement prescriptions lenses into these for those that want/need them. I'm not sure exactly how that works; one would have to contact the company.

I haven't actually bought a pair myself yet, despite my interest. I'm curious about something: do the less expensive pairs lack anything other than cosmetic differences?


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Polishemt wrote:Anyone have some personal reviews on these?

My brother bought some and convinced me to buy some for myself. I ended up getting Hologen, and i really like the style of them.
They defiantly relieve strain on your eyes. Its hard for me to remember to wear them since i don't wear glasses normally but i throw them on if my eyes start hurting or i get a headache. If you spend at least least 4 hours on a computer you'll probably enjoy these.
The lens tint isn't to strong, if you use f.lux it changes the colors less then that does and you're eyes adjust so it within an hour.
They are also made with gamers in mind so they fit rather comfortably (not perfect but pretty good) when wearing head phones (unlike my nVidia 3D glasses).


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I have purchased 4 pairs, and given away all but one because the people I gave them to needed them just as much as I do.

I've been spending a majority of my waking hours on computers since I was about 12, and over such a long period of time, I've found that my eyesight just isn't what it's used to be.

The problem is that your eyes don't really have anything physical to focus on, especially when playing 3D games. The eye fakes it, and ends up doing this strange wobble focus where they are constantly trying to figure out what to focus on. With anything in the body, a certain muscle memory develops that can make it harder to focus on things outside of that world because your eyes get used to doing that strange focus thing.

So, I caved and bought a pair of Gunnars. At first, they hurt because my eyes were still trying to do the wobble focus thing. Then after a period of time, once the pain wore off, I realized that I was actually able to see things clearer away from the computer when I'm not wearing the Gunnars, and my persistent headaches from computer screens went away completely after a few days of use.

I recommend keeping these by your computer and wearing them EVERY TIME you sit down. If you do, I'm sure you'll see a huge difference in your long-term visual health. I definitely did.

Also: For those who are trying to figure out which frames to get, the Raynes are definitely more feminine than they look in the pictures. Found that out first hand.


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I got a pair last time and I like them. I didn't have bad eye strain problems before, so my results were not as life changing as others.

I also bought a pair of cheap amber shooting glasses from Amazon at the suggestion of others. (Maybe $7?) I wear them at home...they also take the edge off at night when my eyes are roaming from the TV to the laptop to my phone, though Gunnars are much more stylish for office wear and the tint is not as strong. I never got around to paying more attention to the differences between the two in the same situation though...a lot of it is just the tint.

Maybe try a pair of shooting glasses to see if they help you and then wait for the next time Gunnars are on woot. :-)


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I personally was a skeptic for these and thought I'd give them a shot. Well, I bought the groove ones. THey are amazing when in front of a computer screen or monitor about an arm lengths away. However, when I try to use them for gaming say at 10 feet, the vision becomes weird and a little bit skewed. I do not wear glasses and have 20/20 so keep in mind that these are most useful at a short distance. They do help to relieve strain. One thing I found was weird was when I very first started wearing them my eyes would water until they adjusted to the magnification.


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Anyone know which of these models is the narrowest? I find that most glasses I've tried are too wide for my face.


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So I've got a big head... what pair is the widest?

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity..." Lazarus Long


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adhurt wrote:So I've got a big head... what pair is the widest?

According to Gunnar's site, the Groove pair would be the ones to get for a larger head.


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I have a wider head. Which one of these would fit me best?


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I bought the Rocket and Stylus models. I like the fit of the Rocket. The frame is very light weight. Used as intended (worn as glasses) it's sturdy enough. However, I really wonder how they will stand up to any accident. The metal of the frame is so thin it looks like it might crumple. Don't get me wrong, the frames are steel and are ridged. They are not like tin foil and won't bend out of shape while you wear them or take them on and off. I just think that if I put them in my jacket pocket and leaned on them, they might bend in a way that they will not bend back, unlike thicker material frames I've owned in the past.

I am not so high on the Stylus model. They actually seem more solid in construction than the Rocket, despite being frameless. The materials are thicker and stiffer. What I really don't like is how the bridge is partially in your field of vision. You get a little used to it, but it still makes me a little dizzy. I'm also worried that my eyes will unconsciously be draw to it and I'll slowly become cross eyed.

In general, the lenses seem to do what they claim in filtering and easing the harsh computer screen light. Computer screens do appear sharper. I'm not sure if I've experienced reduced eye strain or not. That is a subtler thing to measure, even over a full day of computer work.

As others have mentioned, the lenses do attract finger prints, but I've had no problems cleaning them off, unlike others.


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I picked up a pair of the Rockets before Christmas on Woot for $30. Very happy with the purchase.

I had an appointment with my eye doctor and asked him about the glasses. He couldn't guarantee results but said the theory was sound enough. Increase the contrast and your eyes won't have to work as hard to focus which should reduce eye strain and fatigure.

I'm in front of a computer most of the day, usually with 3 or more screens at once. A week of wearing these has done wonders for headaches, eye strain, and eye fatigure. When my day is done I no longer feel like my head has been through a grinder.

My only con would be when working on color specific work. I find the yellow tint changes colors enough that your web color scheme with the glasses on isn't really what other "non-gunnar" folks are seeing.

Overall a great purchase. If you work in front of a computer all day and you typically have eye fatigure, headaches, etc. Pick up a pair on woot and see if you get similar results.


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I was pretty skeptical, but I work with CAD all day long and experience eye fatigue and feel tired by the end of the day. I figured it couldn't hurt and picked up the Stylus for $15 more when Woot offered them a couple of months ago.

I put them on at work and immediately got called "Bono" and other names (because of the yellow lenses), but the namecalling stopped when other people tried them out. These things really do work. Even the stupid-sounding "micro-climate" claims work for me. I wear contacts and before the Gunnars often had them dry out because I tend to zombie out and not blink as frequently in front of a screen (especially when playing games), but this particular style on me puts the lenses very close to my eyes (almost touching my eyelashes) and dry eyes are no longer a problem. I'm not as mentally tired at the end of the day either (even though my work increased over the last 2 months). YMMV.

My cubicle-mate says he really wanted to make fun of me for buying funny-looking yellow glasses, but when he tried them on, he almost didn't give them back.

They take a moment to get used to, especially due to the slight magnification, and when you take them off after a few hours the world is blue and bright for another moment.

After two months of daily use and frequent taking on and off during the day, they are getting a little creaky, but the lenses are scratch-free and they fit my oversized melon of a head comfortably.

I visited my optometrist a few weeks ago and when I mentioned the magnification of these glasses, she said they were a good idea. I'm thinking about buying another pair for home.


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The GLIFF 3D glasses do not work at movie theaters sadly. Im sure they are fine on a home system. but the tru-D 3D movies make it blurry


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I spent $90 on mine, and consider it money well spent, so this is a fantastic deal. These always sell out quick, so buy them while they're still in stock at woot.

The effect these have is considerable. Reduces eye fatigue allowing you to go longer without eye-strain/headaches, increases contrast on dark environments making it easier to see everything without increasing the gamma. You stop noticing about the soft amber tint and very slight magnification after about 15 minutes. Plus they're light as a feather so it's not like wearing reading glasses. If you game for more than a few hours at a time or stare at a computer screen all day then you should buy these now.

Note that this is coming from someone with 20/20 vision at 30 years of age. I never bothered even seeing an optometrist, until a few months ago when I noticed occasional difficulty focusing and eye-strain after long gaming sessions (Borderlands 2 was especially rough on me). Started wearing Gunnars and noticed improvement within a few days.


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hudsm9589 wrote:The GLIFF 3D glasses do not work at movie theaters sadly. Im sure they are fine on a home system. but the tru-D 3D movies make it blurry

Strange.... Every 3d movie I've been to in a theater has been realD and these claim to support it.

3D - circular polarized, realD compatible lenses offer distortion free polarization with wide-field viewing to enhance 3D effects
I ride submarines...


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My boyfriend has previously gotten the Talon ones. And i loved them, but i couldnt find them anywhere.

So i spent hours comparing and trying to figure out which ones might be most similar, and i picked Rayne.

So i bought the Rayne.

I just received them in the mail.. and they suck. No matter which way i look, the nose piece puts a big black spot in my view and its so annoying. And there is open space above and below the lenses that drive me crazy. Im really sad i feel like i wasted my money on them.


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benc4567 wrote:I like the design of these, for sure. I look at a computer screen a lot for work. Are these worth the money? What exactly do they do? I've have had LASIK, so will they help in that department?

Most people who get LASIK get drier eyes, so they find that gunnars help even more.


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I use them for driving at night and during snowy times. I have also had Lasik and these type of glasses really help with the glaring headlights from cars.