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McKlein Laptop Cases

You wanna be a real badass? A made man? Then you have to case the joint. And by "joint" I mean laptop. And by "made man" I mean "guy with a safe, stylishly protected laptop." And by "badass" I mean.. well, badass. Leather is always badass. Except in the case of assless chaps, but then it's bareass, which is close enough.
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Thunderthighs wrote:What's the top feature you look for in a laptop case?
I'm just hanging out, really.


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Ugh! 1990 called and wants its laptop cases back.

These probably weigh 3x more than the laptops themselves.


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I got a red case a few woots ago and I *love* it. It has held up extremely well and I tend to abuse things, plus I feel so professional when I wear this versus the boring nylon bags that most people have.

It holds my laptop with plenty of room to put in my wallet, mouse, phone and extra work papers. I also love the handle length - perfect for wearing as a shoulder bag and not short like most of the laptop bags I find. Another girl in the office liked mine so much she got herself one too.

My only complaint is that there is something on the edges of the straps that peels off sometimes. It's not fraying thread and it's not the color peeling off. It doesn't seem to have any negative effect when it peels off, the handles still look perfect, it's just a little annoying. I would still buy it again knowing this would happen.


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I think the top feature I look for in a laptop case is being able to hold my laptop.


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prttymf8 wrote:I think the top feature I look for in a laptop case is being able to hold my laptop.

You were the class clown, weren't ya?

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ThunderThighs wrote:You were the class clown, weren't ya?

Nope, I was the quiet fat kid. The sarcasm and dry humor didn't evolve until I was out of high school.


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inkycatz wrote:

If it can not hold a legal size file folder I will not buy it.


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MoonByte5 wrote:My only complaint is that there is something on the edges of the straps that peels off sometimes. It's not fraying thread and it's not the color peeling off.

This is a pet peeve of mine with laptop cases. I tend to overload bags and this happens when the straps stretch and start to come apart. So the thing I look for in a laptop bag is heavy-duty straps! A rolling design might solve that, but it's not my style.


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I hold long bitterness for this brand, exactly what happens when you screw a customer. Pasting post from another website from 2009:
Posted: 2/6/2009
Reviewer: Scott from Riverdale, NJ
Frequency of Use: Weekly
Generally Used For: Business Travel
Occupation: Marketing/Sales
Gender: Male
76 out of 126 person(s) found the following review helpful.
"I purchased the McKlein P Series Bag and the zippers failed after about 2 years. They do not replace zippers or repair the bag and recommended the "Chicago" in 2007 because of its warranty. I travel frequently and liked the removable bag from wheels for commuter flights. So I bought the Chicago in 2007. The side of the bag SPLIT at a seam which make it irreparable according to McKlein. I have gone back and forth with their customer service, and their "Limited Lifetime Warranty" is bull because they cannot repair the bag and will not replace it. I am returning another bag I was going to buy from them as a gift. For the price, you might as well upgrade to someone else who will honor their warranty. They offered me 50% off full retail which is close to what the bags sell for on the web. WARNING: DO NOT BUY any McKlein products, they don't honor warranties."



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Bought the brown one last time this deal was around. It looks good, have gotten a few complements, but it looks/feels like a ~5 year bag, not a lifetime bag, which is what I was originally hoping for.

One big thing: the straps are not actually 'belt-buckles' as shown; those are merely decorative flaps over a 'slide and snap' clasp. The clasps themselves look like high quality metal and work well, and to me don't really seem worth hiding. They don't look or function particularly worse than a buckle would (probably are even easier to use), so it does feel rather silly to have them concealed. The fact that the actual buckles are hinged around a metal loop rather than sewn directly on the bag cover like the faux-buckles might actually compromise their strength.

Though, in the two weeks I've had it, I don't regret the purchase at all. If it breaks before ~3 years, then I'll be unhappy.


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While disappointed by the use of magnetic clasps and not actual buckles, the bags look good enough to pull the trigger for one. Its still better than what I use now.


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Just received my ladies' black case. For the price, if it lasts 3 years the way I use things, I will be very happy! That's not even 8 cents a day! Fits my Dell Latitude fine.
The stuff peeling of the handles sounds like it is the edge finishing/protectant product.