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Home Environment : Hot 'n Cold

Got a warm fuzzy feeling? Maybe a little too warm, even? Well, turn on the fan, get it back to ideal warmth and fuzziness. Got an ice-cold heart? I suppose you could wait for some improbably lovable manic pixie dream girl to defrost you ... or you could flick on the heater. What I'm getting at is that I don't think you have any problems that can't be solved temperaturmentally.

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Gatzby wrote:In an all out cage match, Dyson versus Vornado, who wins? I'm putting money on Vornado, since they don't mess with that "bladeless" stuff!
I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:

I recently purchased the Vornado iControl from Paid about $130. I'm extremely disappointed. It takes a couple hours for the room temp to go up 6-8 degrees on maximum settings. Room temp may show to be 57 Fahrenheit after a couple hours it will reach about 64 Fahrenheit and not move any further.



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The Lifesmart infrared heater works well for us. It has a gentle hum, but not overly noisy. It is a very efficient heater. The only thing I dislike about it is the on/off button makes an obnoxious BEEP! everytime you hit it.


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Average 4 Star review for the Vornado 530B on Amazon, which appears almost identical aside from the color of the brand label. I have no direct experience with the model but these are usually alright.

It's currently going for $44 on Amazon, PLUS I have been looking to replace a small room fan that recently broke, so I'm in for one 530B.


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A quartz heater is far better, like this:


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The LifeSmart heater is nice. My brother has one for his basement and when he turns it on we can even feel a difference in the temperature upstairs. The only thing is this exact heater is going for $64.00 at my local Menards right now.


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Anyone have any experience with the Vornado Humidifiers?

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wobbyhp wrote: The only thing is this exact heater is going for $64.00 at my local Menards right now.

Are you sure it's this model? They have a step down from this one that's only rated for 1000 square feet!

I agree though, that these heaters rock! I use two in my house and save a bundle on my gas bill, since my furnace is older than God!