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Tart of Darkness

Of Pies and Mince

Flan of Green Gables

The Lovely Scones

King Schmear / Love's Labour's Lox


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The Way of the Swordfish - by Mu-Sushi
(The Way of the Sword - By Miyamoto Musashi)

The Fruity-Eight Laws of Powerade
(The 48 Laws of Power)

Olives, Her Twist
(Oliver Twist)

To think that I saw it on Blueberry Sweets
(To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street)

A Dish for Wings and Pork
(A Wish for Wings that Work - probably out of print)

Salad and Pastram[i]
(Salamandastron. RIP Brian Jacques)

Dandy Lion Wine and Cheese
(Dandelion Wine RIP Ray Bradbury)


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Raiders of the Lost Tart

Twelve Hungry Men

Last Taco in Paris

Of Rice and Men


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1. Serve deviled eggs (maybe even 22 of them if you wanna go really literal with it) and call it "Hatch-22".
2. Serve fruit and dip and call it "The Grapes Gatsby".
3. Serve french fries and call it "Lord of the Fries".
4. Instead of serving spare ribs, call them "Shakespeare ribs".
It's almost 2 am--I'll try to devote a little more time to the task tomorrow to help you out. Hopefully these ideas will at least help get the creative juices flowing. Best of luck to you! I love Woot!


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War and Pizza rolls

To Grill a Mockingbird

100 Tears of Soulfood (really spicy)

Game of Scones


A Midsummer Night's Cream

Bellpepper Canto

The Curious Incident of the Hotdog in the Night

The Cadbury Tales


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Argh, how could I have missed "Penelope Ashe"'s Baked Came the Free-Ranger? (First word pronounced as two syllables, obviously.)


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jquiaot wrote:
Waiting for Gouda


jefslat wrote:
Ethan Fromage


thenchonto wrote:Tart of Darkness
King Schmear / Love's Labour's Lox



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The Indian in the Cupcake


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Of Ice and Gin (& Tonic)


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Invisible Flan
The Sheltering Pie


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The Dharma Buns
Madame Barbary


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The Scarlett Lettuce Wraps

A Tale of Two Sweet Teas

The Red Velvet Badge of Courage

Mini Cherry Pie Fidelity

The Punchback of Notre-Dame

MozzarellAbout a Boy Sticks

A Christmas CaRolls

The Tem-Pesto Bites

Mini Grilled Hamlet and Cheese

The Adventures of Fried Green Tom-ato Sawyer

BanAnna Karenina Bread

Pigs Walden A Blanket

The Taming of the Stew

For Whom the Stuffed Shell Tolls

David Jalapeno Popperfield

Robinson Queso

The Great GatsBean Dip

Fried Macbetharoni n Cheese

Mini Fight Club Sandwiches

Crime and PunishMint Juleps

For Stuffed Mushroom the Bell Tolls


Quiche - 22


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kingsharon wrote:Olive-Herb Twists (bread or puff pastry twists spread with tapenade and rosemary or sage)

Winner, winner. Chicken Dinner.


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Naked Lunchables

Portrait of di parma as a young ham

Red batch of cabbage slaw

the color purple cabbage slaw

of spice and hen

Lord of the Fries

The lord of the Wings