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Is the gaming controller an endangered species? Between motion-sensing and touchscreens, the need for a joystick, keypad, rollerball, or gun-shaped intermediary might be waning. So let's take a look back at the controllers that filled our sweaty little hands with fun for the last thirty years. How many can you name?

Answers are here. Please post your guesses, speculations, or arguments below! But know this: the Trivial Eye is presented for public amusement and no prizes are offered other than that familiar feeling of aggravation that so much of your mind is occupied by useless trivia.

Question: who's got three thumbs and wants more Trivial Eye? Answer: you after a grotesquely botched surgery.


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Totally expected the Power Glove to be on here. I'm disappointed.


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1. Atari something or other, before my time.
2. Gamecube Wavebird
3. PS1 Flight stick
4. Jaguar Gamepad
5. Magnavox something or other
6. Nintendo Zapper
7. ... Honestly not a clue.
8. Nunchuk


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1. Atari 2600 pong controller
2. PS1 controller?
3. Playstation flight stick
4. not a clue
5. Intellivision control pad
6. A gun from something
7. ColecoVision
8. Wii nunchuk


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1. Atari 2600 paddle controller
2. Ok - I'm sucking here
3. and the vacuum noises get louder
4. ...and louder
5. Mattel Intellivision control pad
6. Nintendo Duck Hunt gun
7. ColecoVision
8. Wii Nunchuk

What? No Fairchild? No Pong Console? How are we supposed to know all these new-fangled gizmos? If it needs more than one button and a joy stick, it's too darn confusing.

And stay off my lawn.

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


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1. Atari "pong" or driving controller.
2. Nintendo GameCube WaveBird
3. PlayStation analog joystick.
4. Atari jaguar standard controller.
5. Mattel Intellivision controller.
6. NES Zapped
7. ColecoVision controller
8. Wii Nunchuck.

Note: there two different rotary controllers for Atari's 2600 console, very similar. The "Pong" (Paddle) controller had two on a single connector, but a stop at center, so you couldn't rotate it over 360 degrees. The driving controller had just one on the connector, but could be spun at heart's content.

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7 is a ColecoVision "Roller Controller."