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Happy Music Monday! In just ten days, it'll be the most dreaded of all days … Valentine's Day. Next week, we'll have a more romantic playlist, but this week? We want to offer equal time to those who need something a little less romantic. So, today, Scott's assembled five Anti-Love songs. What's an anti-love song, you might ask? A fine question! Here's the answer!

Wham - Everything She Wants


There's a good chance that every one of us has been in a relationship where we can say the words "I'll tell you that I'm happy if you want me to." This pop song about a decaying relationship tells the story of a couple who are ready to move on, but can't quite figure out how. She wants more, he wants something else, everyone's unhappy … bah! Who needs it, right? Better to just order a pizza and surf the net.

Four more anti-love songs, the Spotify playlist, and your chance to contribute right after the jump.

As always, please remember our Spotify playlist features a great selection from last week's Music Monday comments. The theme of the mix this time is Sample Fodder and you might just learn where your favorite loops came from! But before you start reminiscing, check out our current Music Monday.

Betty Davis - Anti-Love Song


The woman so funky she blew Miles Davis' mind! Betty Davis is a well-kept secret in the music world, loved by those who know her and ignored by those she influenced. Before Madonna was scandalizing, Betty Davis was doing stuff like this, the story of a whole, disastrous relationship that will never be, but boy, wouldn't it have been one Hell of a ride…

Lloyd Cole - Chelsea Hotel NSFW due to poetic imagery


In under four minutes we go from from "I remember you well" to "I don't think of you that often" when talking to the person we allegedly no longer love. This Leonard Cohen cover makes the tempo a little bit more cheerful, but that only helps provide a little counterpoint. Our narrator might have left the hotel behind, but it's clear a part of him is still going to be there forever.

Ke$ha - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright


Yeah, okay, it surprised me too. But let's compare 'em, shall we? Bob Dylan's original sounds like a guy who just found out his girlfriend won't be coming over any more. Sucks to be him, sure, but he's gonna be taking someone home from the coffee shop tonight so whatever. Your loss, babe, don't think twice. Outta my life. Ke$ha's version, however, sounds like someone has literally taken out her heart and thrown it in a tub of acid. She's not going to get out of bed for like a month. It's an amazing over, and it's a shame she can't make songs this powerful all the time.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - One More Minute


Doo wop? Comedy? Sure, it's both! But underneath the clever references is an honest and sincere statement of heartbreak that every nerd can identify with. Al's smart enough to explain his feelings eloquently, but they're still the feelings of a man done wrong. Tears of a clown, people. Tears of a clown.

Before you burst into tears, come hang out in our room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment and some company. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.

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HAH! WE HAVE WEIRD AL UP IN THIS PLACE!! That was always one of my faves of his.

Ex-Miss by Blink 182 is a great Holiday Anti-love song. "I spent too much... Time and money on you."

I used to have a playlist of them, but I'll have to go hunt it down.


Here we go - <- Dave Matthews Band: Halloween
I have an acoustic/unstripped version of this where he HOWLS "F%$#!NG LOVE" and "LOVE IS HELL" on one of my CD's.

OH, OH, OH...

I think these were on my "Get Over ALL of Them!" CD -

Linkin Park - In the End

"All Downhill From Here" by All American Rejects

"U + Ur Hand" - P!NK

And this one should have been, but it hadn't been written yet:
"We Are Never Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift


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Adam Sandler - Somebody Kill Me [NSFW]

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quality posts: 1 Private Messages haugs79

November Rain by Guns N'Roses


quality posts: 0 Private Messages howdoesth

"I'm stranded all alone at the gas station of love/and I have to use the self-service pump."

Always a class act, that Weird Al.


quality posts: 41 Private Messages chicken0102

"I'll Never Fall In Love Again", from the musical "Promises Promises" and released as a single by Dionne Warwick


quality posts: 83 Private Messages mossygreen


quality posts: 83 Private Messages mossygreen
chicken0102 wrote:"I'll Never Fall In Love Again", from the musical "Promises Promises" and released as a single by Dionne Warwick

Ooh, I have deeply mixed feelings about Burt Bacharach, but that is one fantastic song.


quality posts: 83 Private Messages mossygreen

Oh, and what's more anti-love than wanting to have sex with someone else's boyfriend? 3x3, Lydia Lunch from 13.13, her finest/only good album.

I like to think it's about George Scott III, bass player for the Contortions. But it's probably about everyone in New York in the early '80's.


quality posts: 59 Private Messages RWoodward

Love Stinks - J. Geils Band


quality posts: 87 Private Messages CatCK

I'm surprised this one isn't listed yet ... Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know". (and even though the word is blurred out, I'll caution this one as NSFW anyway")


quality posts: 1 Private Messages beejaymurphy

Kaiser Chiefs -- Every Day I Love You Less and Less


quality posts: 68 Private Messages LarryLars

"Love Hurts", written by Boudleaux Bryant, and recorded by many artists. The Everly Brothers had the first recording, but the version that seared my mind was by Nazareth. If this doesn't convince you to steer clear of love, I don't know what will.

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages jerrad76

Don't forget...this one.


quality posts: 87 Private Messages CatCK

The Monkees have a few songs that fall into this category. This one is just a nice way of saying "I just want to be friends."

"I Wanna Be Free" by The Monkees.


quality posts: 60 Private Messages strawhousepig

You hate me, don't you? :p

Some of these may not quite fit, but maybe enough.

Fishbone - Lyin' Ass Monday - YouTube [NSFW]

Alice Donut - Wire Mother - YouTube "Clutching desperately to a wire mother" Damn that Tomas Antona knows just how to reach right in there.

Bad Company - Good Lovin Gone Bad - YouTube

Coffin Break - Lies - YouTube [NSFW]

Dead horse - Like Asrielle. - YouTube Ooo dat double kick drum...

Excel - Affection Blends With Resentment - YouTube

The God Machine-It's All Over - YouTube Also from that album the 16 minute epic Seven.

The Hanson Brothers - Lovesick - YouTube

Billy and the Boingers - U Stink But I ♥ U - YouTube AKA Mucky Pup

One of These Days - OPERATION IVY - YouTube AKA These Boots Are Made For Walking

Steppenwolf - Who Needs Ya? - YouTube

Ween - Piss up a Rope - YouTube [NSFW]


quality posts: 59 Private Messages RWoodward

Can't believe I forgot, "She Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd. [NSFW]