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climber117 wrote:Looks like CyanogenMod is available, right?

Anyone know anything about the difficulty of rooting, unlocking, and installing a custom ROM? Or about the general availability of third-party ROMs? From what I can tell they look pretty well kept up:, but it's always hard to tell unless you actually have the device. I'd appreciate any thoughts people have.

i don't know if you can get to it but a couple of people posted some really awesome information in the discussion thread when this was up in january.

off the top of my head, if you want to root, you want to do so BEFORE it updates (which it will do so as soon as you give it a network) and install one of the apps that lets you keep root after update. otherwise, you have to download an app from ASUS that lets you root but voids warranty.


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All this negativity is making me skeeered I pulled the trigger...or clicked the big button as it were.


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Woot staffers, looks like this deal is not going to be sold out so if you want to sell it for less please email me...:-) anyway you will do that later sometimes during woot-offs...


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I need to belatedly compliment Woot for the King Crimson reference.


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I bought this from Amazon as "Like New". Everything was fine and I rooted it and now the power button doesn't work anymore. I have to plug it in to turn it on.


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Due to lithium battery known to be degrading after first 2 years, I wonder if keyboard dock is still good to have given mostly this tablet will be used at home? I mean I have laptop on which I work and given 9-hours of ASUS TF300's battery life I am not sure about spending on keyboard dock other than being capable of using mouse and flash thumbdrives with it.

Add to this known problem of cracked screens due to excessive pressure from dock's clips when folded I think tablet alone would suffice. Am I missing something?

What are you opinion on chinese tablets people, like PIPO, ICOO and CUBE? I need a tablet for educational, productivity and business purposes and not for gaming. Which tablet would suffice?


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scott.hall wrote:Exactly. Please offer a new (not refurb--the Asus refurb stories scare me) TF700 64G (in silver, please). The only reason I didn't buy this one is the Asus refurb issue and that I want the 700 sooooooo much more.

I owned the 700 and returned it. It has major wifi connect issues due to the metal backing, from what I read, on the pad. Asus's answer to the problem was to ship you a long thick dongle to attach to the bottom of the pad to make the wifi stay connected. Of course, it has to be attached via the power connection, so you cannot charge it and surf at the same time if necessary. What a disappointment. I took mine right back. Hated to do it, as it looked so cool; but didn't stay connected to wifi.


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Can you buy an extended warranty for this tablet?


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I just recieved my tablet from this woot and let me say I am more then impressed with the quality that I have recieved. The only problem out of the box that I had was that the charger for the tablet came broken. Luckily I bought my GF the same tablet for christmas so charging isn't a problem while I send it back to ASUS. The tablet and keyboard are flawless save for some left over goo from previous factory stickers on the bottom. I am more then happy with my Wooting. Hopefully the rest of you have a similar experience save for the charger of course. Sadly I will have to foot my chargers one way ticket back to ASUS. Ah well it will be a small price.


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Got mine in today, everything A-OK so far Very happy !!!


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Got mine today. Absolutely no problems so far. Everything looks and works perfectly fine.

My only issue (with the design and not with woot) is that the key board is not very intutive to type on. you will make a lot of errors , especially is you have large hands.
I typed this message on the keyboard dock and must've made 6-7 typos.
I can say it's better than an on screen keyboard, but if you areexpecting to get some serious work done, get a usb keyboard.

other than that the tab and dock are brilliant. I'm usuallly a very critical guy, so when i say the only issue is a small keyboard that really means the tab is fab.


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I bought this same item on Woot (the 16GB version) with the dock the day before Thanksgiving. Item arrived, but touchscreen was DOA.

welp. i'm the lucky one i guess. right out of the box and i cant get the touchscreen to work. good times.


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Well I got mine on Wednesday the 20th by FedEx ground. They need to learn that a doorbell is there for a reason: TO USE !! I found my package behind a bush, with a blank sticker on the door at 0855. It had been delivered at 0829. My car was in the driveway, so it didn't appear that no one was home. Luckily it wasn't zero degrees. Although I did warm it up to room temp before doing anything.

As to the's BEAUTIFUL. It did a bunch of updating. It merged my Google account and put all my apps on in one fell swoop. It found my WiFi. It did everything my Xoom Tablet (also a Woot item) does.

The screen is crisp and sharp. Not a mark on it anywhere.

The keyboard is new item for me. It also looks flawless. Not a mark. It seems to work just fine. Although I can't seem to enter info into YouTube's search box with it. Not that that's a big issue, but still. It did work once but only that one time. Probably aa operator

The keyboard perfectly charged the tablet as well. It was amazing for me to see this. (Doesn't take much for me to get excited these days). The tablet also holds a charge VERY well.

Conclusion thus far: GREAT. I'm well pleased despite all the negative comments that seemed to be prevalent. Not a blemish to be found. Oh, and the serial numbers were on little tiny stickers on the units, not on the boxes. Two boxes were inside another box. Very tightly packed.

Thanks Woot !!


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I received mine on the 20th, and it is perfect, like brand new and had no problems with it at all. Updated right away, and was using it in just a few minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to by it again.


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Bad devise, the screen is all faulty it has areas where the touch screen dos not work, the screen suddenly shakes, Not want I hopped it was, I am very disappointed, however, I love W Woot and all the other things I bought thru them.


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r2ro wrote:Bad devise, the screen is all faulty it has areas where the touch screen dos not work, the screen suddenly shakes, Not want I hopped it was, I am very disappointed, however, I love W Woot and all the other things I bought thru them.

Sorry for the problems. Be sure to contact Asus for warranty support.

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