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Refrigerators are a lot like offices: they both have doors and compartments and things inside. One of the things you’ll find in an office is a refrigerator, which is a lot like an office, because it has doors and compartments and things inside, except it doesn’t have a refrigerator in it like offices do.

But look, we could go on like this all day. The point is that offices have refrigerators in them, which are a lot like offices themselves because they have doors and compartments and things inside. And, like offices, there need to be some rules. You can’t just let people put whatever they want in there. That would be madness, almost like if you didn’t have any rules for what people could bring into the office itself, which by the way, if you think about it, is kind of like a refrigerator (similarities include doors, compartments, things, etc.) built to keep your business fresh.

But we’re not going to talk about rules for your whole office. We’re going to keep this lesson focused on the office fridge. Here are the rules we have for the fridge here at the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership. Let them serve as an example that you can follow in your own business.

1. All things placed in the fridge must be able to fit into the fridge. If you bring something that doesn’t fit in the fridge, don’t blame the fridge; blame yourself.

2. The fridge’s cooling powers only work on stuff inside the fridge. Placing items around the fridge will not only not cool them down, but can also be dangerous, because someone can trip on them.

3. Preference for fridge space will be given to food items over non-food items. For example, if employee A wants to put a sandwich in the fridge to keep it fresh for lunch, and employee B wants to put a shirt in the fridge because he doesn’t understand shirts, and there’s only space for one of them, that space will go to employee A.

4. If you claim something is food to get fridge space, you will be forced to eat that thing. So, if you’re looking for a cold place to store your thumbtacks, maybe try somewhere else. (If you need some tips on where, email me directly; I’ve got some ideas.)

5. Please keep the fridge clean. It is a space we share and therefore it must be treated with respect, just like the rest of the office. In fact, if you think about it, offices and refrigerators are pretty similar all around: they both have doors and compartments and things inside.

Those are our fridge rules. How about you guys? What are the fridge rules in your office?


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I am missing the printable Woot valentines we could stick with a magnet to the fridge.


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/tilts head

... Professor Sean, are you feeling all right?

Here... Let me go get the staff nurse to take your temperature.


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These are the ones for our office fridge that I developed. Nothing nothing funny, I work for the state with a bunch of attorneys, who can suck the fun out of any room


1. All members of the office can use the Refrigerator.

2. Be mindful and courteous of the limited space available.

3. Clean open and unsealed food items out daily from both the refrigerator and freezer sections.
a. Leftovers are to be removed at the end of each day.
b. Food may be stored for the current week in a sealed airtight container, but must be cleaned out on Friday.
c. Food left in the Refrigerator after close of business on Friday is subject to disposal without notice.

4. Each member can store up to 4 standard size drinks at one time in the smaller black refrigerator.
a. As you remove one, another can be put in its place.

5. Condiments, including dressings, that are used on a regular basis are exceptions and may kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container, space permitting.

6. Be mindful of the cup on the top shelf which catches water from the leak.
a. If you accidently move it or knock it over, make sure you put it back.
b. Empty the cup if you see that it needs to be emptied.

7. The refrigerator will be cleaned every Friday afternoon and any unsealed items are subject to disposal.
a. All persons using the Refrigerator will be placed on a rotating cleaning schedule. All users must abide by the schedule.
b. If you I got the memo to be placed on the cleaning schedule, let us know, and you will be removed.
c. All persons not on the cleaning schedule will not be permitted to use the Refrigerator.