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soliver571 wrote:Mead is just beer made from Honey. Whiskey is just distilled beer. Welcome to the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of beer.



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There is a $ gap in your poll. The Poll show $2-3 then $4-5 the rest of the poll options button up except this gap. Anyway... I like Blue Moon (yes with a slice of Orange) It costs about 3.50 around here not including tip.


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Personally, i used to drink a lot of Guinness, or Yeungling if at a party or something. But nowdays if I buy a six-pack it will sit in the fridge for 6 months.

Grew to prefer wine for the variety and interest. The homebrew beers just taste "undone" like they havent aged long enough.


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[oz.for oz. liquor is the quickest route to blotto land.quote postid="5356567" user="charliehart1"]all you non beer drinkers disappoint me[/quote]


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craigthom wrote:Not really. Crappy beer in cans taste crappy, and beer in cans or bottles that have been subjected to high heat taste crappy, but there are some fine beers available in cans these days, and I see more every month.

Canning equipment is a big big investment, as are the cans (since you have to buy a lot at a time), so craft brewers haven't traditionally used them, but more and more are.

If possible I pour beer from bottles or cans into glasses, since the smell is a big part of it, especially for very hoppy beers.

Check out the Resin from Sixpoint in Brooklyn. It's a very nice beer. In a can.

ignorance is bliss,ain't it? Drought beer comes out of a big aluminium can,called a keg ha ha.Better beer is available in countries that have not limited the alcohol content,eg.Germany.


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It's not that I don't drink beer. I just don't consider Blue Moon and Sam Adams middle of the road beer. I consider it simply as crap. Buy local beer


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generalgr147 wrote:Impressed at the number of people who don't like beer...

what i was thinking