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Happy Music Monday! Say, what's better than a catchy tune? A catchy AUTO-tune! Ha ha! Shut up! Today Scott's looking at the songs that make you go "How is he doing that?" Today's five songs all contain funny voices! That's right, you know what we mean by funny. Here's one now.

Zapp & Roger - I Wanna Be Your Man


Did you know that every time Roger Troutman sang into that little talk box tube, he was getting his lip shocked? It's true! And yet, he suffered each and every time, just to make sure we could say WOW THAT GUY SOUNDS LIKE A ROBOT and be happy. Thank you for your sacrifice, Roger. We computer love you.

Get to thinking, because inside you'll find four songs and last week's Spotify mix, and then it'll be YOUR turn to submit! See you after the jump ...

Our new Spotify playlist even now features a great selection from last week's Music Monday comments. The theme of the mix this time is Songs You Can't Believe Were On The Radio and you won't believe how much you'll enjoy it! But before you start reminiscing, let's get back to the funny voices …

Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do


Peter Frampton's kind of underground, he only sold something like four zillion copies of his "Frampton Comes Alive!" on the strength of his crazy talking guitar and got referenced on The Simpsons, you probably never heard of him. But even this is your first time experiencing his magical mid-70s groove, you can't help but notice his crazy voice. And also, that he's got a pretty decent solo goin' on there. But mostly the crazy voice.

Stevie Wonder - Papa Was A Rolling Stone


Stevie Wonder's "Genius" period saw him pretty much mastering every single sound that ever existed and some yet to be created, so it was no wonder he'd also love changing his voice. This live version of this Temptations hit shows that it's not the technology, it's the genius that uses it.

Midnight Star - Operator


Remember when you could throw telephone samples into a song and it would be cool? The synth-voice doesn't play as big a role in this late 80s song, but you'll notice it when it finally arrives, and you'll likely agree that it adds a little sumpin' sumpin' to the song. Remember, it's not a party until everybody's singing into the fan and laughing.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Scorpio


If ever there was going to be a rap song that was made into a pinball game, Scorpio would be the perfect candidate. There's a "I acknowledge your quarter" lyric, there's a "you've started playing" lyric, the rap starts around the time you'd be figuring out how to shoot the loops, and there's even some encouragement to take it higher! But until some entrepreneur makes the first hip-hop table, we'll just have to be content with listening to the funny voice and dreaming.

Drop us your favorite funny-voiced songs in the comments, please, we're looking to be amused. Then visit our room for the regular Music Monday tunes! Pretty sweet rap, don't you think? Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.

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Can't go wrong with Kraftwerk!

Bonus: reposting Comus' Drip Drip because they do something super-creepy with his voice towards the end of this otherwise acoustic song (just under nine minutes long).


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"Stevie Wonder's ... live version of the Sly Stone hit shows that it's not the technology, it's the genius that uses it."

I believe you mean The Temptations hit.

My choice for funny voices would be:

"They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" by Napoleon XIV (outed as Jerry Samuels)

Samuels used a device called a variable-frequency oscillator (VFO), where he was able to alter the pitch of his voice without changing the tempo.

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


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LarryLars wrote:I believe you mean The Temptations hit.

OOPS I'm not sure how I did that

can't make a living as a bay man any more


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how about Disco Duck by Rick Dees


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Are we not including DEVO?

Or Weird AL's Devo-esque hits "You Make Me" and ?


There's also a track on the Imagination Movers CD (Rock-o-Matic) enigmatically called "Watermelon Meow Meow". It sends my kid into laughter fits, like it should.

The most iconic ridiculous singers: The Munchkins - Wizard of Oz

Oh, "BANGARANG" by Skrillex and all of the vocal tracks of Daft Punk's "Discovery" are head-trippy ingenuity. Oh, and this one, that's on a different album.

"Blue Da Ba Dee" gets a repost from last week because of it's relevance.

The official version of Jonathan Coulton's "Want you Gone" and "Still Alive" as voiced by the character of GLaDOs is adorably techno-femme. (Coulton is a mad genius.)

Caramell - "Caramelldansen" - More Techno-femme voices and a dance beat. And a ridiculous floppy-eared dance.


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tjamil wrote:how about Disco Duck by Rick Dees

Oh jeeeze no... never this never ever ever ever.
I'm bummed though because all my submissions had naturally weird voices. I'll have to think a second on this one.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

when i first heard this -gasp- dubstep album I was always enticed by the vocals. The whole album is pretty fantastic and mellow on it's own but this track was the first one I heard and stood out most because of that.

while it's not a vocal effects as just incredible talent, fantastic rhythmic syncopation and amazing vocal harmonies make this track great. If you wanna just get to the part I mention jump to about 02:30... it's the ~lack~ of vocal effects that made this so great to me they even do it live. Sorry for going a little off topic like always but that song is just too great not to mention.

I guess I should go back to topic with vocal effects though and end it with this short vidja:
I always liked it when Isaac Brock would scream into his guitar. Nothing mind blowing but still a lot of fun to watch! (starts about a minute in)


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Dead Kennedys - Dear Abby - YouTube Everything will be just fine...

NoMeansNo - Living Is Free - YouTube

S.O.D.- Pre Menstrual Princess Blues - YouTube [NSFW]

Melvins - Hooch - YouTube Not so much a funny voice, but these are the funnest lyrics ever recorded. "Milk maid dud bean!"


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Double post!

Totally spaced a couple.

The Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt - YouTube Mildly [NSFW]

Bad Brains - Sacred Love - YouTube