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robio wrote:Hey fellow Wooters, I have a general question for owners of HDTVs: Am I crazy to want 720p over 1080p?

I'm sure anything made in the last few years looks great in 1080, but every time I'm at my in-laws, where their 7492-inch behemoth is always on, every TV show looks like crap.

Your in-laws should upgrade to HD content. You should get a 1080 and do the same. SD shows will look like the crud they are on a HD set.


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Bought this unit about a month ago at a Brick and mortar store for $570. Picture quality excellent.. No complaints. Pedestal assembly required. Easy. Sound quality fair to good from internal speakers. Havent tried audio out to sound bar but I would thinks it would be a large improvement.


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I think this woot that I unfortunately missed was way better for the same money:



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simssj wrote:Amen! The *best* thing about this deal is, because it's a refurb TV, you'll only have to subject yourself to LG's abysmal Customer Service for 90 days, instead of the typical year or more!

The 90 day warranty is from Woot. Not LG.


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group4 wrote:Great buy, I paid $100 more last month for the same TV at that blue store. OH well, Live and learn.

Yeah, but this one is refurbished.


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Keep posting tvs woot, don't try to read every bodies mind... Like they want. If you don't need a tv then be like me and help out a friend who does.


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tx91791 wrote:Yeah, but this one is refurbished.

I bought a refurb 3D 47 in LG from woot and I swear it looks brand new. It's my best investment ever,


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Can anyone confirm if this TV is multi-system? So so NTSC and PAL Tuner.. I can see it has multi-voltage which is usually a sign of a multi-region performance but I do not see explicit confirmation of the tuner in the specs... appeciate any insights.

Thanks. V


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luke975 wrote:this dogs penis again?

Is that your belly button or are you just happy to see me?

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TV arrived today packaged pretty well in original box. Set-up was a breeze. Only defect I found was the smallest scratch in the screen. Scratch was about 1/4 of an inch and towards a corner. With the TV off I can't see it if I'm more then 3 feet away, so just about a non-issue for me.

Will update once I spend some more time with it.


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TV arrived. It's got a dent in the back that has no effect on the picture. I'm just surprised the set doesn't have an auxiliary audio output.


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This TV just arrived here with one of the saddest packing jobs I've ever seen. It was double boxed in 2 non-original brown boxes. The exterior one was falling apart, barely held together. When I took the box in from outside, the inner box was shaking about with the TV in it.

Inside, a couple flimsy foam supports were barely keeping this thing in check.

We removed the TV to find a dent in one of the upper corners, and a broken LCD panel. Completely unusable.

Woot states I should have to pay shipping back? Funny, I didn't expect to be out shipping cost for this "deal" because of Woot's incompetent packaging job on this.

Oh, by the way - there were only a couple strips of clear tape holding the top and bottom together. When I packaged it back up and lifted the box, the inner box fell to the floor as the little piece of tape holding together the other end broke. Comforting. I used a half a roll of tape securing this thing for the trip back.