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Vintage Movie Poster Art

Even for you stubborn silent film fans out there, you've got to admit that one thing sound did well was make the Sci-Fi and Horror genres a little more interesting. It's only so entertaining to watch a giant ape come on to the screen followed by text saying, "Look! It's a giant monkey!" It doesn't really have the same effect, y'know? official site


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At one time I had in my possession about 5000 different original 40x60 paper movie posters used to promote films in theaters. They all were vintage 1950 thru 1980. I COULD NOT even sell them at a flea market at 5 for a dollar. Had I known then what I know now...

I think, therefore.."I-M".


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I absolutely love these types of posters and artwork. Sadly I'm not a fan of these specific designs and I do find them a bit on the expensive side to buy without wanting these specific posters. The canvas is what's adding the high price tag I suppose.


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The woman in this poster is far bigger than 50 feet. Hollywood...


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What, no Mothra?


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It would be really groovy to have all of the Frankenstein ones grouped together. I'm a Frankenstein nut. I'd imagine that if I brought home a date, it would scare him off though. Wimps.

10 quality post! Whoo hoo! I'M SOMEBODY!!!


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woodister wrote:What, no Mothra?

Close - there is Godzilla VS Mothra.

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


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Love Daleks.



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What about;
"Day of the Triffids"
"The Crawling Eye"


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Hmmm. The Tin Man doing his version of the Heisman Trophy pose.

That should be worth something.


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olcubmaster wrote:Close - there is Godzilla VS Mothra.

Ah touché


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jeparz wrote:What about;
"Day of the Triffids"
"The Crawling Eye"

Especially then. If it wasn't the first of the "radiation creates giant creatures" movies, it was the best. There's an actual story in there, and, even though you know it's about ants from the posters, it's still chilling when they show the trailer ripped open, the the way the little girl reacts to the noise is creepy.


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If only they had Reefer Madness. Living in Colorado I wouldn't be able to resist that.


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There's nothing "vintage" about these. They're made to order! An auctioneer would be jailed if they offered these as "vintage" because it's deceptive to do so. Plus they're outrageously priced.

How unWoot! like.

A genuine original Woot!-istanian.


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Horror Hotel, great movie but what does this poster have to do with it? There's not a zombie to be found in the movie.


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I might have been tempted by the Creature from the Black Lagoon IF it was in English. I have a deep connection to that particular film.

I was named after the actress that graced oh so many great B films, Terry Moore. If only I aged as gracefully as she did.

I woot, therefore I am.