Today, we’re going to talk about reimbursement. No, that doesn’t mean hugging again. That’s reembracement. Reimbursement is the thing where your employees do something, pay for it, give you a receipt, and then you give them that money back.

But there are some things that you shouldn’t reimburse your employees for. Like what, you ask. We’ll tell you what! Here’s the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership approved list of stuff NOT to reimburse:

  • Towing expenses
  • Rowing expenses
  • Expenses incurred by parking your on-fire car in a no on-fire car zone
  • “The rain washed away my pants so I had to by new ones” expenses
  • Helicopter-lifting car out of tight parking space expenses
  • Gold-plating shirt collar expenses
  • Sewing expenses
  • Had to pay back mobsters expenses
  • Had to pay a guy to pick out all the banana runts expenses
  • Crowing expenses
  • Bank looked too depressing expenses
  • Had to pave a road from here home to get here quicker expenses
  • Flowing expenses
  • “If I hand out money, people are more likely to like me” expenses
  • Movie theater popcorn expenses
  • Movie theater expenses (because they’ll never just let you buy the popcorn)
  • Flying to LA expenses (because that’s where the best movie theaters are)
  • LA tour expenses (gotta make the most of the trip)
  • Expenses incurred during the wacky adventure that ensued after getting separated from the LA tour
  • Knowing expenses

Those are our no-gos. How about at your work? What gets expensed and what doesn’t?