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It's time to get mad, you guys. Or go mad. Or do something mad. Because it's time for March... well, we're not going to say the rest of it because it's copyrighted and we don't want to get sued. But you know what we're talking about: the basketball, the buzzer beaters, the brackets, all that good stuff!

And you know what, we want you guys to join in. No, we don't want you to suit up for Gonzaga or something. We want you to fill out a bracket! Where, you ask? Here at our Yahoo "Tourney Pick 'Em" Bracket Challenge, we answer! It's open to everyone; you just need to sign in using your Yahoo, Gmail, or Facebook account.

And hey, to you guys who don't watch the sports, fill one out anyway! It's just a bunch of clicking, and you never know what's going to happen. That being said, if you really have some moral opposition to hoops and dribbling, then keep an eye on the blog. We'll be announcing our own March tournament on Wednesday!

ALSO: Hurry up! You gotta get your bracket set before 12pm Eastern on Thursday, March 21st.

Photo by flickr user SD Dirk, used under a Creative Commons License.


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What's the winner get??


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I'm in. Look for me on my G+ account.


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yeah, the winner get anything?

fidwoot wrote:What's the winner get??


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I'm locked in to win - seriously, you guys giving anything to the winner? There are 122 folks in this thing. A Basket of Cairn Terrier or just a high five. Something!

sprkmaker wrote:yeah, the winner get anything?