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Last year, while the basketball raged on, we did our own little tournament here on the Woot blog: March Angriness. This year, we're doing the same thing, except different. Instead of anger-inducing pet-peeves, we're celebrating our favorite fads. That's right! It's MARCH FADNESS: a tournament of all the former next big thing!

BIG SHOUT OUT: user OldMatador actually came up with the idea last year. Thanks, Ol'Mat D! (Is it cool if we call you Ol' Mat D?)

Now, how's the tournament going to work? Just like the Big Dance. There are Four Fad Regions - Entertainment, Lifestyle, Merchandise, and Fashion - each with 16 seeded teams, which are paired off in traditional tourney fashion (1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc.).

In each match, you'll vote for your favorite fad. And that can mean whatever you want it to mean: a fad you sincerely loved, a fad that you enjoyed ironically, a fad that you loved to hate, whatever you want!

But enough of the logistics. Let's get to the fun stuff! Here's who's competing in each region:


1 - The Robot (dance)
2 - The Macarena
3 - Vampires
4 - ska
5 - the swing revival
6 - quoting Austin Powers
7 - nu-metal
8 - movies based on board games
9 - movies based on 50s/60s sitcoms
10 - Shaky cam
11 - slap bass
12 - "The [insert plural word]" bands
13 - "You'd never expect these two cops to be working together" movies
14 - Books revisiting classics through the eyes of a minor character
15 - American versions of a British shows
16 - Mumblecore


1 - Feng Shui
2 - the Atkins diet
3 - Jazzercise
4 - Ron Paul
5 - corgis
6 - the grapefruit diet
7 - rollerblading
8 - Google+
9 - Friendster
10 - steampunk
11 - tribal tattoos
12 - pugs
13 - The Green Party
14 - renegade crafting
15 - rice cakes being a go-to snack
16 - artisan junk food


1 - Pet Rock
2 - Beanie Babies
3 - Pogs
4 - Tickle-Me Elmo
5 - Tamagotchi
6 - Magic Eye
7 - Razor scooters
8 - Cabbage Patch Kids
9 - Troll dolls
10 - Calvin peeing on _____ bumper stickers
11 - Furby
12 - Silly Bandz
13 - devil sticks
14 - Finger skateboards
15 - Nickelodeon toys (Gak, Floam, Zog Logs, etc.)
16 - Hess Trucks


1 - Bell bottoms
2 - three wolf moon shirts
3 - "The Rachel" hairstyle
4 - Crocs
5 - thuggee out Looney Toon tees
6 - parachute pants
7 - Hypercolor
8 - scrunchies
9 - acid/stone-washed denim
10 - Pumps
11 - overalls worn with 1 strap undone
12 - Von Dutch trucker hats
13 - slap bracelets
14 - tie-dye shirts
15 - matrix-style Oakleys
16 - Button beanies (Jughead hats)

What do you think? Have a prediction? Feel like someone got snubbed? Let us know in the comments. And get psyched, because we're kicking off the competition at midnight central with the first round of Entertainment match ups!

Photo by flickr user Jay Phagan, used under a Creative Commons License.


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So many fads I participated in! And some I still do (*shifty eyes*) I noticed that the Rubik's Cube got left off though. I thought that'd be on there.


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Is this a real thing? I mean, should I really make a bracket? Because I will. Seems fun. Provided it's something we can actually interact with..


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You left out the zombies and bacon fads!


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No Gangnam? Psssh!


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Yeah yeah yeah!


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Do "tribal tattoos" include those awful barbed-wire cuff tattoos? Barbed-wire isn't exactly a tribal design, but that fad was truly obnoxious, too...


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Happy to say I'm wearing a scrunchie right now, and I'm a dude. 0_o


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lovejunkie00 wrote:Is this a real thing? I mean, should I really make a bracket? Because I will. Seems fun. Provided it's something we can actually interact with..

I think last time they did it as surveys here on the woot site. The one with the most votes advanced. Check back later.

Jason Toon

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Where is Ironic Adult Kickball?!?