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Don't drink and PAX, kids.

I also am glad I don't have to hear that damn thumper from FireFall any more, owing to it being across the country.

Did you know shirt.woot ships internationally? Get you some!
Why do my posts always get deleted? -- Noise Reduction -- Try it in podcast format.
No, you can't have our iPod, keys, or Lego. Sorry.


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But the last day was Sunday, wasn't it?

If I had known Woot was going to be there, I might have gone.


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There's no way to predict where Woot might be. The only sensible plan is to attend EVERYTHING.


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For a minute or so, I really thought the drunk Ghostbuster was the Woot employee.

He looks more like a Woot employee.
The interviewer is far too straight-laced.

A nice shirt and tie???
So un-woot-like.


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That was a time-wasting video, but I'm not convinced that it was my time that was wasted.


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Next year bring your booth woot.


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Hey, I was there.

It was way too crowded. It needs to be held in something like McCormick Place.