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mlwasson wrote:The back panel of the unit shown does not line up with the specs. It also does not look like the back of any unit found on the zmodo site. There aren't enough BNC recepticles to line up with the specs (8 camera in, 1 video out, 1 audio out). According to the specs there should be 10 BNC's. The back of the unit in the woot pic only shows 9. I hope the back matches the ones on the zmodo site more than the one pictured here. I currently have a 4-camera zmodo set up and it's been flawless. Want to increase to 8, so this is the ticket, as long as the back truly refelcts what the specs say!

The unit they are currently shipping, as of two days ago, does not have the same mother board and features as the one shipping a few months ago. If it has the 8 audio inputs as shown, it is really lacking in features. It does not let you back up your video in AVI and MP4 directly, is not able to use a high frame rate on all channels, and other important features. Zmodo changed the board and features of this box without changing the model number. I have had this unit as well as the previous unit, and even though they are in the same case there is no comparison. This one is no where near as good as the unit they were selling. I have been told that they will have the original units back in stock soon, so I would wait for them. They refer to them as the yellow and black model, which refers to the color of the menus, this one is the blue and black model.


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After about an hour of trying to get IE to accept the activeX control, I dug around and found IE tab for chrome. The activeX plugin for Chrome didn't work with this, but IE tab does. couple of side notes:
1. It doesn't connect to the router automatically, so you have to hook a monitor up

2. The passwords are 111111 not 888888 and 666666, which is corrected in the book by a sticker.


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is there any audio or not


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This specific model doesnt work on mac now i just wasted 197$... Tootsie Roll... shouldve been listed on here when i was buying it


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claybiggerstaff3 wrote:This specific model doesnt work on mac now i just wasted 197$... Tootsie Roll... shouldve been listed on here when i was buying it

The security system can also operate as a standalone security system, as long as you have a monitor with a VGA port it should function without being connected to a PC.

If you're wanting assistance in correcting the issue, you could try contacting Zmodo Customer Support and seeing if they can't help remedy the issue.

If they're unable to help, please feel free to email Woot Member Services at