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stearnst wrote:Take it from an airline pilot...ORD is the worst.

My favorite? MSP!

If your layover is long enough you can take a bus to the mall.


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Another vote for Atlanta being the worst!


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Newark. The employees, all of them, were so rude and foul. The food people, the airline employees, everyone has an attitude. Good luck getting any help there.


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lipophilia wrote:I agree with ECRANK - Philly takes the prize - hands down. Have spent more nights there than anywhere else (and it's an uncomfortable, ugly place) and NEVER get through on time.

I have to agree that Philly is at the top of the list, but how about Kansas City? It was designed before security and food (which is awful) and rest rooms are all before security.


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vijeli wrote:I fly in and out of O'hare all the time. No Problems there. The worst time i ever had was in Miami

Miami. I thought that airport was in a 3rd world country.


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LAX is horrible but nothing is worse than ATL. And I mean beyond the city. Atlanta sucks overall, but their airport is even worse.


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Denver. Sorry, but I just HATE those trains!

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I live near O'Hare! We're #1! We're #1!


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LGA in NYC that airport sucks need a upgraded system


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Atlanta Hartsfield, without a doubt!


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flobob wrote:I hate flying thru Atlanta!!!!!

Yes! My connecting flights are always delayed or cancelled.


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Been through all the major US airports and a lot of the smaller ones - the two worst I've been in by far were EWR/Newark and BWI/Baltimore Washington International.

Both are dirty, poorly designed and seem to have some sort of ruby slippers personality test requirement for staff.


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Worst for connecting between terminals is DFW. Long slow pointless monorail type deal.

Worst flight experience was DFW. I did a landing into there on AA where we were banking and descending to land through turbulent air over some body of water. I could see the airframe flexing down the aisle. I was about 5 seconds from tossing my cookies when we touched down.

Biggest price gouge is still GSP even after Southwest started servicing it, as it is located in no man's land between ATL and CLT. Despite having a good sized two city metro around it, if it weren't for the BMW plant it probably wouldn't have the Int'l designator.

Worst design is probably LAX. There are some legit 20 minute walks to and from terminals with no transit options.

I usually fly out of CLT and connect in ATL to my destination on Delta. No gripes about CLT or ATL. Given the sheer volume of people going through ATL, they do things really well, especially connecting between terminals. FWIW I've never checked luggage (I'll UPS it to myself first) because I have that little faith in TSA/handlers.


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Any with Hare Krishnas.


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Cloud wrote:Any airport with TSA! I hated ATL, ORD, and DEN until 9/11, but they're all bad to get through now. Only thing worse is a layover in any Amtrak station!

Agreed! I'm old enough to remember when flying on an airline used to be fun. Ruined by:
1) Totally Stupid A**holes (TSA)
Okay, sometimes they're decent, and sometimes they're competent. Sometimes.
2) Shrinking seats and seat space.
3) Pricing games and frustrating frequent flyer programs.
4) Bogus rules designed to make flying miserable. Example 1: attendants tell you not to walk around, so you're not supposed to stretch unless going to the bacterial swamp they call a bathroom. DVT, anyone? Example 2: no camera use during take-offs and landings. Bogus reason: your camera might interfere with the avionics. Real reason: in the event of a crash (which is most likely during take-off and landing), a camera (or cell phone, etc.) could become a missile, hitting the person in front of you in the back of their head. Easy solution: require users to use secure wrist straps. Draconian airline solution: give bu**sh*t to passengers and ban all use.
5) Etc! Flying has become something to be endured, not enjoyed.

Oh, right. This is supposed to be about airports. If you want a lesson in how to screw up a nice, small airport, look at Santa Barbara. They spent millions to make things easier for the TSA and cra*pier for passengers.

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For me it is a toss-up between DFW and JFK. DFW has a good layout, but it reeks of cow crap every single time I've flown through there. JFK, on the other hand, has people with the WORST attitude, who act like YOU are an interruption or burden to their day. One of the TSA screeners threw my laptop bag into the X-Ray machine, breaking the screen. He went to get his supervisor and disappeared. I eventually had to leave to make my flight home. Needless to say, TSA said I had no proof it the screeners fault...


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My two experiences in the Miami airport were awful. Both times I missed a connecting flights in ATL. I felt like I was in a Central American banana republic.


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Love SEATAC! Best baggage handlers in the US.


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I can't believe DTW wasn' t on your short list. Is Woot being PC?


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Dulles!! Spent a day and a half there once, finally rented a car and drove ten hours home.


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They all suck, but Miami is the worst I've been through with Philly being a close second.


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petepappa wrote:Atlanta, hands down.

was going to say, why wasn't ATL on the list


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Not such a bad airport when you compare it to the crappy service the staff there provides (or DOESN'T provide!!!)