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cf wrote:I don't know about this Motorola but a Panasonic set I bought from Woot does have an alarm on it. The specific model is KX-TG6071M but an alarm may be available on other models, as well.

And, yes, I do have a landline. And an answering machine. And I use dial-up internet access but unfortunately it does not make the fun dial-tone/modem noise.

and yes, I have an answering machine. That's NOT part of a phone. And a backup one.


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kmf600 wrote:I got rid of my landline about 5 years ago. People would call my house phone, I wouldn't answere, 3 seconds later they would call my cell phone that sits right next to my house phone. Every other time the house phone would ring, it was someone trying to sell something or a paid political advertisement.

I don't have my landline listed. This way I get not 1 sales call. Simple.

I don't have unlimited minutes for all 5 wireless phones on my VZ plan so I keep my Landline which is bundled once again at $79.99 with my Verizon Fios Quantum plan. The landline costs me under $27 a month plus tax. It includes Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and PR which I use for my business when working from my home office. Not a bad deal as I only use my cell when not home, bluetoothed in my car handsfree. Waiting for my Galaxy III to arrive this month.

If you're a single person, maybe you can do without a landline. I prefer having it but always have 4 extensions.

This deal only having 3 maximum extensions is no good for me. I prefer and need at least 4 and once had 5, not 2 or 3. For someone who needs 3, Motorola makes a better phone then my 4 AT&T's that I think I got on here. They're okay but I've heard the Motorola's are better.

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Uhh? buy two sets?

Bill Lukens
Bluemont, VA


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jubalharshaw wrote:Uhh? buy two sets?

@jubalharshaw, sure, if you find any evidence the base can handshake with more than 3 handsets.


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I have had my landline number and cell number for years for several reasons. One, it is connected to my fax machine, 2, both numbers are listed on my business cards, linked in etc. and 3, I have one hard wired phone so when power goes out, I have one phone getting power from the local telephone company.


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I bought these.... they are terrible.