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Happy Music Monday! And hope you're having a good Memorial Day as well. We figure that's a good excuse to recap all the songs about memories. Also, a good excuse to goof off. So don't worry if you aren't reading this until Tuesday. We'll forgive you.

Elton John - Crocodile Rock


See, all you kids? Nostalgia hits every 20-something at about the same time. This tribute to the songs of Sir Elton's youth is absolutely dripping with nostalgia. And maybe that's why it sold so well, too.

See you after the jump.

As always, remember our Spotify playlist will be featuring a great selection from last week's Music Monday comments. The theme of the mix this time is Reader Appreciation Week and can we just say it again? You rock! But before you start reminiscing, check out our current Music Monday, right now.

The Beatles - In My Life


Who doesn't sometimes spend a day off looking back on everything that's passed them by? At this point in the career of The Beatles, they likely all felt like they'd pretty much done everything. A decade later, they probably were amazed at how naive they'd been. But that's what life is for, right? Every step forward makes a new type of memory.

Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days


Originally Russian, but most famous in America in this form (produced by Paul McCartney, no less) this song of two friends who could do anything is full of the bittersweet joy that only comes with age. Also, by posting this, nobody has to ever mention the far less enjoyable Seasons In The Sun, okay?

Boys II Men - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday


I'm not saying Boys II Men took back the doo wop ballad from Billy Joel, I'm just gonna point out this wistful song has a place at nearly every major event, from a happy graduation to a sad, sad funeral. And there aren't many songs that can accomplish that.

Talking Heads - Memories Can't Wait


So is this a song about the horror of being trapped in his own consciousness, or is it just a song about a guy remembering last night's party while shaking off a hangover? Hey, I leave that for you to decide. All I know is that it's a good song and it's about memories. I'm going outside now. Happy Memorial Day!

Assuming everyone's not sleeping in today, feel free to visit our Turntable.fm room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.

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I think I would have chosen these songs based on the artist or feeling the song gives me:
1. Elton John - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
2. The Beatles - Yesterday
3. Melanie - Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma (I think more people have heard that than Mary Hopkin's Goodbye)
4. BoyzIIMen - Motownphilly (Just as you said about Crocodile Rock and nostalgia)


quality posts: 15 Private Messages Woodpecker

Elephant's Memory - Mongoose
Allman Brothers - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)
Michael McDonald - I keep Forgettin'
and of course ...
Barbara Streisand - The Way We Were


quality posts: 11 Private Messages vigilante1987

I believe the Billy Joel song referrred to would be "Keeping the Faith".

to that I would add The Beach Boys: "Do It Again"

and Paul Simon's "Kodachrome"


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Summer of '69 - Arguably NOT about 1969, but it still has that "yeah, we were young, dumb, and stupid" vibe.

Photograph - Nickelback
Yes, all of their songs sound alike. At least the lyrics are different...


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Chicago - "Old Days"

Moody Blues - "Your Wildest Dreams"

Bryan Adams - "Summer of '69"

Asia - "Heat of the Moment"

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


quality posts: 60 Private Messages strawhousepig

Ooh, that Bryan Adams song reminds me...

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 - YouTube


quality posts: 86 Private Messages CatCK

The former Beatles reminisce. Can't find a solo song from John, though, that fits the theme.

"Photograph" from Ringo Starr

"All Those Years Ago" from George Harrison

"When We Was Fab", from George Harrison

"My Ever Present Past" by Paul McCartney


quality posts: 19 Private Messages Slydon
CatCK wrote:The former Beatles reminisce. Can't find a solo song from John, though, that fits the theme.

I think How Do You Sleep has a lot of reminiscing, although not really the best kind.

can't make a living as a bay man any more


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The Rolling Stones - "Memory Motel"

Simon & Garfunkel - "My Little Town"

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - "Night Moves"

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quality posts: 41 Private Messages chicken0102

Sorry I'm a little late to the game this week, but a holiday weekend will do that to you :p

Since a couple people already put down "Summer of 69," I'm going to have to add "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" by the Four Seasons.

And thank you to vigilante1987 for posting "Kodachrome." Memories for me of Kodak's good times here in Rochester.

And eye poke on Scott for misspelling Boyz II Men.


quality posts: 83 Private Messages mossygreen

Oh, SO late to the party!

I know no one's around, but I'll extend thanks to everyone for saving Steely Dan's My Old School for me.

For those of us with Daddy issues, I respectfully submit the great Harry Nilsson:

Also, Gary Numan, not a super-good fit, but I've quoted "Time heals nothing--it merely rearranges our memory" an embarrassing number of times.


quality posts: 41 Private Messages chicken0102
WootBot wrote:(7:14 AM, 5/29/2013) chicken0102 makes a fair point about spelling, too bad he got here late

To quote ThunderThighs, "I IZ WOMAN!"