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Oh Kiki and Wendel, how I've missed you! I appreciate your efforts on improving your close harmonies during your winter hibernation.

It's a rather more significant accomplishment than I can manage when I go to sleep. Typically I'll say to myself, in my dozy pre-slumber routine, "Tomorrow I should make a sandwich", and Lo! Come the fair morn, I may have, during the silent contemplation of sleep, decided what kind.



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The last time I was this excited for something woot relatedc I got a Besser or Curly

So glad to see Kiki and Wendel are back! Can't wait to go home and watch this.


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New season of Kidfoot. YAY!!!

Also - When are we going to get the Kidfoot CD, Hm?


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Where is the Kidfoot! Merchandise?


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mkentosh wrote:Where is the Kidfoot! Merchandise?

Yeah, I would buy plushies and a CD for sure!