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Sharpen your poking sticks and roll in something smelly: KidFoot is back for the whole summer! Yep, you'll find your favorite lil' cryptids Kiki and Wendel playing games, singing songs, and eating decaying meat every Thursday through August on Kids.Woot! It must be summer!


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Oh Kiki and Wendel, how I've missed you! I appreciate your efforts on improving your close harmonies during your winter hibernation.

It's a rather more significant accomplishment than I can manage when I go to sleep. Typically I'll say to myself, in my dozy pre-slumber routine, "Tomorrow I should make a sandwich", and Lo! Come the fair morn, I may have, during the silent contemplation of sleep, decided what kind.



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The last time I was this excited for something woot relatedc I got a Besser or Curly

So glad to see Kiki and Wendel are back! Can't wait to go home and watch this.


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New season of Kidfoot. YAY!!!

Also - When are we going to get the Kidfoot CD, Hm?


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Where is the Kidfoot! Merchandise?


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mkentosh wrote:Where is the Kidfoot! Merchandise?

Yeah, I would buy plushies and a CD for sure!