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You guys, I have an addiction. I'm addicted to puns. I need them. I can't get enough of them. I HUNGER FOR THEM. That's why I've set up this weekly blog feature: so you guys can feed my addiction. Every week, I'll name the topic, give you some examples, and then you'll pun away in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I'll choose the best ones and post them here next week. Sound good? Good! Let's do it!

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Math in the Kitchen

We're doing a pretty mathy Woot-Off right now, so I figured, why not get a little mathy in the pun post too? Except it's not just math. It's mathematical kitchen stuff. Check it:

  • Aluminum F.O.I.L.
  • Multiplikitchen Table
  • Long DiviShun Knives

Your turn! Holla at me in the comments, and I'll holla at my favez nezt week! (That's how mathematicians talk, right?)

Last Time's Winner (Sci-Fi Farms): Cattlecar Galactica from MOS95B.

Other Favorites: 2001: A Space Oat-essy from stevepom546, and Steer Trek III: The Search for Livestock from pun post hall-of-famer SQUITODEA.


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I really like confectionery ovens, but I'm torn between a (0 < gas < 1) or a (0 < electric < 1)


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What about a nice full serial bowl?


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Please Excuse My Dead Antelope Steak


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deriving a kitchen pun is as simple as integrating a catchy mathematical term and multiplying (or adding) it with a kitchen term, and that about sums it up.


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1) Refrigenometry

2) Obesity: Kitchen Addition

3) Vanilla Subtract

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Obvious to me because I actually own one: Pi plate!


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While scrambling some eggs, I spilled a little and wiped it up with a sponge. I didn't wring it out, though, so when I found it a week later it was covered in an eggspongential growth.


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Karp reduction sauce

Cartesian plane grater



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Did you hear about the new yeast that only rises when you place it in a ferromagnetic pan over range with a copper coil that generates an oscillating magnetic field? They call it proof-by-induction.


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SIN(gerine) / COS(gerine) = TAN(gerine)


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Ice Cubed


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-Cubed Steak, that's steak to the third power...
-Square root of Pi, would be sweet potato pie, with the sweet potato diced to precision.

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Ate a tangerine and put the dishes in the sink cos they were dirty.


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Sprouts in a predictable sequence, illustrating the golden ratio in nature.


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4 Digit Precision Degree Measuring thermometer.
Percolation Théry (French tea)
Sheaf knife
Knife Set
Prime Stove
Pi server
Pi Bisector (Pie Bird)
Sieve strainer
Pitato Mathsher
Klein Bottle Opener (impossible!)
Lemonomial Peeler


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Lemon Scented Solvent
Refrigerator Mag-Net Loss Calculator
Vertical Shrink Wrap

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Disharential Calculus


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Confractioner's Sugar
Boil Slaw (of after-dinner gas)
Gluten-fibonacci sequence


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Bob was a trainee chef who finally got his big break one day working in the personal kitchen of Liberace. Now this wasn't an easy task, and not just because of the pressure for working for a big star like Liberace. You see, Liberace liked everything to be shiny. Not just sparking, but blinding.

Bob's boss tried to warn him about that. But Bob with his Cordon Bleu degree and the confidence of a man in his 20's brushed off the warnings, saying he could handle it.

And at first, it went great. Mashed potatoes, not a problem. The green beans had one rough moment, but he shaded his eyes in time and avoided trouble. But then came the stew.

It was a massive stew, in a tureen nearly a foot tall. Even before he started cooking Bob started wishing he had sunglasses. And everything just got worse once the pot started heating up. An older, wiser man might have asked for help at this point, but not Bob. And sure enough, as he went to move the tureen a stray gleam of light blinded him, and he ended up knocking the whole thing over and ruining Liberace's dinner.

Bob tried to explain himself, but was out of a job soon afterwards. As he left, the words of the master chef rang in his ears:

"You fool! Didn't you listen when I told you that the glare from the high pot in use was equal to the sum of the glares from the other two sides?"


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Combining math and statistics:
Pi a la mode


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Fibonacho Fibonacheese
Mathematical spices: SINnamon, parse-ly, Descartes-amom

if your food is contaminated you might die of parEbola


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The Inte-grill - it'll work as long as you don't forget to add the c-salt.
You could probably also use a Meat Ten-deriver.

There are also the picky people who dither about food-to-sauce ratios who want to watch their Bernaise Distribution.


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Avocado's number
grease trapezoid
suppermentary angles
temperature probability
kitchen scalene triangle


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Pi Cooling Rack
box and WHISKer plot
PIE WEIGHTed Average
SCALE factor
SCALEne Triangle
egg Shell Method
food Descartes'
Avogadough's Number
DISHerential equation


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Phasey Susan


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Centrifugal borscht.


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Isaltolese triangle


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The Mrs. Field's Medal for outstanding culinary mathematical achievement