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True fitness isn't just about the body. It's about the mind. That's why we're gonna motivate you, right now. Did you know that some sports can save… the world? It's true! Throughout history, man has told stories (both real and imaginary) that center around the magic of sports. We'll start at the beginning, shall we?

The Popol Vuh



Heroic twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque marched down a long, descending labyrinth into the Mayan Underworld, to free their father and uncle. The contest? That freaky Mayan basketball game thing, played against the rulers of the Underworld. The final score? Twins 1, Underworld 0! And, in the after-game celebrations, the sun and the moon were formed. Just goes to show you, don't park on the street the night of a championship game.

Atalanta's Run

Atalanta, Bronze, Founder Roman Bronze Works, 1921:"


We all know the story of Atalanta, don't we? In short, a young lady uninterested in traditional gender roles is defeated by a cheating young man she is then forced to marry, ensuring the Patriarchy remains fully unthreatened for a few more centuries. Close call there, right, fellas?

The Christmas Truce


Around 1914, in the middle of World War I, the German and British troops decided Christmas was too special a time for war. Carols were shared, greetings were exchanged, and then, finally, there was a little game of soccer in the middle of No Man's Land. This game was so amazing that it inspired two different '80s music videos but the officers behind the lines hated it. As did a young Adolf Hitler. So, you know, choose your side.

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali


In the '70s, Superman and Ali were natural pals. Both were heavy-hitters, both were popular with kids, and both understood what it meant to choose your own name. But when the Earth was in danger, Ali and Superman had to fight each other (under a red sun, of course, to make things fair) and settle once and for all who was the true grand champion of the world! Meanwhile Batman and Sonny Liston were crying in the corner to each other. "If only we had more prep time! We could have been contenders!"

Space Jam


We all know the plot, right? The Looney Toons characters are sucked into another dimension, where they have to send for a hero to win their freedom in some weird basketball gam… hey, hold up. Isn't that the exact same story we came in on?

Mexico-2266 from Dennis Jarvis and Atalanta, Bronze, Founder Roman Bronze Works, 1921 from Cliff are used under a Creative Commons License.


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You talked about the WWI truce but you didn't mention Snoopy's Christmas vs. The Red Baron?


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Listen2Reason wrote:You talked about the WWI truce but you didn't mention Snoopy's Christmas vs. The Red Baron?

Is that a sport?

can't make a living as a bay man any more