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davidmcbeth3 wrote:first..its a asus ... not a sony or top of the line man.

second ... I am guessing it is an OK/good gaming machine but not great

third .... 1000 dollars ... that's 1K ! Wait for school sales and get this type of system for much less. The graphics card is OK (better are out there) but not 1K great. The i7 is OK but is rather old version (2-3 yrs for the i7 ~ must be better ones out there).

Overall: pass

I think its an excellent deal for a gamer. If you customize Alien ware for example with similar
components it would be twice if not 2.5 times the price of this laptop. Plus, most gamers have a kick butt desktop and they'll use the laptop less than their desktop.

Enough own it and are happy with it. It doesn't sound as if you own it and think 1k is a lot for a gaming laptop. They're not sold retail everyplace. Most computers have integrated video cards. I don't know what a bottleneck is but we only purchase computers w/ dedicated video cards.

Glad neither of us game, one less item I'm tempted to buy, we've been buying alot on here lately.

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lichme wrote:NSFW Language

Fn key on lower left and the f9 key toggles the touchpad on and off ;)


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Reading through the comments 2 things have become apparent 1)I should create the recovery disks 2)I should get a SSD for the second slot.

The questions(s) are... how? And what is wrong with NOT getting a SSD?

I am going to get a 32GB USB flash drive. What is the step by step process to get the OS and whatnot copied properly in Windows 8? I need a dummies guide, because Im too scared to mess something up haha.

Next, what kind of SSD do I need for this laptop? Can someone recommend a compatible SSD from newegg?

After I pop in the SSD, what is the process to get the data on the SSD and make that the boot drive? Again, step by step guide for dummies XD

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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similar laptop on tigerdirect now, also $1k:

tigerdirect: 12gb ram, 500gb 5400rpm drive, BD player, 6cell battery

woot: 8gb ram, 750gb 7200rpm drive, DVD burner, 8 cell battery

Woof! Wage: $927.75 as of 12/2/2010...someone send me to Woof!!aholics Anonymous...


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allastorm wrote:
The questions(s) are... how? And what is wrong with NOT getting a SSD?

Next, what kind of SSD do I need for this laptop? Can someone recommend a compatible SSD...

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

First of all, there's nothing wrong with NOT getting an SSD. however, it's one of the best upgrades you can make from a non-SSD system in terms of speed(boot up times/disk reads/etc) and responsiveness. If that's not vital to you, forget about it :p

As for SSD brands, having used 3 different ones (Sandisk, OCZ, Intel) over the past 2 years, I will recommend the Intel 520s over anything else if you plan to run your OS off it (here stability and reliability are king, unless you enjoy troubleshooting blue screens):

I'm using the 120gb version myself, you need at least that much to run Windows and other program's, especially if you plan to game much.

Sorry I don't have links for the step by step guides though

Hope that helps!


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I'm quite surprised to have already had mine delivered. Seems to have been shipped overnight via UPS. Working well so far and even with win8 on it, it's set more like win7. Battery was almost fully charged too. Can't wait to install some of my desktop games and see how well they perform.

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Mine hasn't even hit the "Stuff I Bought yet..."

Not too worried as I have been traveling for 3 days so it will just sit on my desk til I get there anyway.


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Thanks for the information! Much appreciated

Mine says that it will be delivered tomorrow, yay! Only problem is that no one will be home to sign for it tomorrow


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allastorm wrote:Thanks for the information! Much appreciated

Mine says that it will be delivered tomorrow, yay! Only problem is that no one will be home to sign for it tomorrow

If they do your package like mine then a signature will not be needed. My package was left at the front door. I should point out that it's the actual laptop box that the laptop is in and not a brown box.

Chi. Yes, I want you to do something for me. I want you to go in my room, look over my suits, in the ceiling, up on the ceiling you'll see a key stuck there. I want you to take it down and bring it to me. Meet me at the Total Experience in one halfa hour. Can you dig it?


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I left a note but they didn't leave it. Called UPS to hold it for me and picked it up after work. SO glad I did that. Didnt want a box labled INTEL and ASUS all over it left on the front porch in my apartment complex.

Another thing, when I opened my laptop I noticed that the bottom panel was bulging out, like it wasn't snapped in properly and its very hard plastic so I was afraid it was warped from that, but I got it back in place after some difficulty.

So far seems to be a good laptop. When Im online and using multiple applications it isn't much faster than my older i7 Sony Vaio. I played a game of League of Legends and it was VERY smooth and everything was on High settings, minus shadows which was on low. My laptop restarted in the middle of a game! Not sure if there was something in the background that triggered it.

Its very quiet which is a nice change for me. The fans in the back are awesome. Keyboard is well placed and illuminated, but the keyboard feels a bit "spongey" like the keys have more wiggle room compared to my Vaio. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time.

I don't particularly LOVE the screen. I have always had glossy screens in the past, so Im not sure if its the matte finish I need to get used to. Also, the contrast needs to be adjusted and I haven't found a way to do that yet even in the display settings, it just said use my monitor controls to adjust the contrast.

Overall a good laptop and I am happy with the performance, just a little less in love with it than I expected to be.