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Tons of Backpacks

You have stuff, right? What if you have to grab that stuff and go? What if that has to happen immediately? If that stuff is in a backpack, you're golden. If that stuff is just lying around, you're hosed. HOSED. The moral: buy backpacks.


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OGIO 111054.304 Rebel Backpack - Purple Watercolor -"..features a padded, interior laptop compartment that will fit most 17” laptops as well as a padded pocket specifically designed for iPads.."

Bought one the last time offered. Haven't really used it yet (only had it for about a week) but I wanted to make a couple of comments.

1 - The computer pocket is easy access but doesn't even come close to handling my Dell 17" Studio Laptop. I have no hope of zipping up the backpack with the computer in it.
2 - The computer pocket padding does not come the whole way up to the top of the bag.
3 - the sides of the pocket are elastisized so different depths of Laptops work. there is enough space between the pocket and the edges of the backpack that your laptop should be ok from side impact.
4 - The ereader/Ipad pocket is NOT padded at all. It's just a normal pocket.
5 - All of the interior material is that sorta silky see through polyester/nylon material. Not sure how well that will hold up if you are using it everday.


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Where is the backpack'o'crap? I'll take three please!

Kara W


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So upset. I just bought this bag for $70 in a store yesterday morning =(


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Anyone know how long the strap is? I'm large and shoulder/cross-body straps are often too short for my frame.


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OGIO 111055.306 Operative Laptop Backpack - Aqua Entropy

I bought this backpack the last time they had this deal. I use it every day and I absolutely love it. I had an Ogio before this that I ran into the ground. I love their backpacks and will always be a repeat costumer. They're pretty durable, my only complaint with my last one was the water bottle pockets didn't hold anything in, which my new one does perfectly.


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Doh, wish I had seen that sooner, I've been waiting for that Black Newt 2 to pop up on here again, and I missed it! Tragedy..