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Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women

Listen. We don't want you to make the mistake of wearing the wrong sunglasses for a particular occasion. Like, say, playing a sport. And which sport matters too! That's why you should own something like, oh, we dunno, 10,240,790 pairs of sunglasses. You don't have that many yet? You better get started!


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I've had several pairs of Natives, they blow away all other sunglasses I've tried, both in optically and durability. Better than Oakleys or smiths, the Endo is a steal at $35.


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I've bought two pair from WOOT on different occasions and i love them.

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What does "99% of potentially dangerous glare and 100% protection from UV rays" mean? Is that UVA or UVB or both, and what's this "potentially dangerous glare"?


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The pair of Clara sunglasses are child sized and apparently marked "Youth Large". They would fit well on an 8 year old.
I have heard nothing back from the manufacturer or woot regarding my refund/return request after several days. Perhaps the 20 lost bucks is actually a net savings considering the mitigation of future losses...