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It's a Phat Goose Party at Wine.Woot! The more Phat Goose you consume, the less there is in Fat Gus's tub, and the more of Gus we all get to ogle. (The rewards for leering at Gus are not just prurient -- some keen-eyed wooters have discerned something "crappy" about certain of his tattoos.)

Hang around the Phat Goose Party all this week for more chances to get an eyeful of Gus, and a gulletful of the Goose.


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Wow! All the Amazon corporate-type tightening that faithful followers of Woot! have endured, and THIS makes it to "prime time?" Huh.


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I took a bath like that once in vodka. It did not do anything for my skin but it did let me know that I had more cuts on my body than I thought I had. Is wine better for your skin than vodka?


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I'm disappointed that the link in his tattoo doesn't go somewhere good.


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the Bee Oh Cee sale? Admittedly, it was a BETTER link destination before they sold out.