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Four years before Airplane!, the disaster-movie parody The Big Bus barreled into cineplexes, fueled by the atomic star-power of Vic Tayback and Richard Mulligan. It's long been a favorite of Woot writer Sean "University" Adams, so Watch This First is pleased to present it here on the penultimate day of '70s Car Movie Trailer Week.

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W. Harold

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I was just thinking about this movie... It was just silly.

Except, I think I saw the edited for television version - content and formatting!

First Woot! 2004 and still no Babies on Cribs

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I'm assuming you've been saving Corvette Summer for a big finish?


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and within months NBC borrowed the premise and molded it into a "Love Boat" format, calling it Supertrain

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


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"Deploy flags of all nations"