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Our 70's Car Movie Trailer Week concludes with the story of a regular kid from the middle of nowhere who dreamed of zooming across the galaxy in a powerful craft: yes, it's Mark Hamill in Corvette Summer, reputedly shot before Star Wars but unreleased until after he hit the big time. It seems Lu- uh, Mark spent a year cherrying out the ultimate 'vette only to have it stolen the next day. A pre-Designing Women Annie Potts plays a sort of slutty, Earthbound Princess Leia.

70's Car Movie Trailer Week has been fun, but there are so many more "great" 70s car movie trailers than one week could possibly hold. Share your unsung favorites in the discussion thread.

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Annie Potts, wowee! I have no idea how I got to see this as a youngster. Double feature at the drive-in where they expect you to fall asleep maybe? Anyway, very freaky seeing Luke Skywalker as a regular person. Me: This sucks, I want Star Wars!


Not exactly a car movie, but close enough.

Not exactly the 70's, but close enough.


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A bit more surreal (or perhaps the word is "pointless") let us not forget the original Vanishing Point

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I remember seeing this at the Drive-In as a little kid in the back of our Plymouth station wagon, with the smell of mosquito coils wafting in the air.

I Bet on Sky

Jason Toon

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Thanks, dudes! Quality Posts for all!


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Oh my god, I wish I'd checked this sooner, because (and here's the important thing): I WAS RIGHT.

Anyway, love love love this movie. Love that the Corvette being stolen is Danny Bonaduce's fault. Love Annie Potts' non-tricking prostitute. And it's always a little weird to see Mark Hamill acting, isn't it? (I will always believe his finest live-action work was in the "Eight Is Enough" pilot.)


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The movie is long. but still pleasant to watch


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a fiberglass romance