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Android Watches

You know why androids wear watches? To fit in. There is no other logical reason for why they'd need to wear a watch. They just want to be accepted by you, be part of the group, ya know? That's also why they're always wearing tube socks pulled up to their knees. But don't tell them they look ridiculous. It'll hurt their feelings. Or it would, if they actually had feelings.


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The watches look pretty, but do they run Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean?


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I have an Android (Octupuz in blue). It's VERY nicely maid. Nothing cheap about it. I've taken it diving several times and beat it up and it's still looking good as new. The automatic movement holds for at least a day past taking it off, certainly it lasts over night , enough time to put it back on and continue the movement needed to keep it wound.

I would have no problems buying another (except I already have too many watches LOL). These are a good quality watch IMO.

magnus ver magnusson

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I have three automatic movement android watches and they are great. I would highly recommend.


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Well everybody here says the Android watches are good quality so that's good to hear...Android OS 4.3 not included unfortunately.

But if it did let you run apps from the Google Play Store...then I could use my watch as a price scanner, then tweet about it with built in voice recognition software,FullTweetWatch (FTW)ver.009 to keep people watching for my tweets from my watch! Just because that would be enjoyable in the most pointless way!


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I've had an android watch for about 3 years now and it's been great. The first battery died fairly quickly, but it's been running on the new battery for the last 2 years without issue. I have had to adjust the time slightly every 6 months or so, but by only about 5 minutes.

I've gotten a ton of compliments on the styling of the watch.