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There's a lot to love in Mental Floss's excellent history of the Trapper Keeper, but nothing more than the 1981 mini-rom-com that introduced it to prime-time audiences. This Jeffrey kid knows how to make his voice crack to maximum comic effect. He should've been a star.

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Gah! The feeling of long dormant synapses firing in my brain is so bizarre! They're making me want to wear parachute pants, a jean jacket, and buy a Trapper Keeper.


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Loved the South Park episode where the Trapper Keeper becomes sentient.


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The ones with the 3D-ish, computer generated-looking shapes were pretty sweet. They had great lighting effects and so forth that really made the designs have depth.


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Man, I remember those. I had an awesome Trapper Keeper with Transformers on it. Ahh, those were the days.

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Just don't drop yours when walking home on a really cold day. The plastic will be brittle and shatter.

A pity, I really did like mine too.