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Who are these obsessive weirdos who dream up all of Shirt.Woot's designs? We're finding out, one artist at a time. Chillingly, they're a lot like you and me. (Except better at drawing, for the most part.)

Today's subject: Derek Erdman, perhaps Seattle's most prolific artist! MARVEL at his works! LEARN his smart shopping tips for bargains on paint! Then visit Shirt.Woot for your chance to ACQUIRE the enormous, original "It's a Burger" shirt he hand-painted for our recent Shirt.Woot party!

If you hated this video, whatever you do, don't subscribe to Woot's Youtube channel! You'll just end up seeing more like it:


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I really enjoyed this video. Thanks!


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That was so much fun! Great subject, great topic, funny guy. Inspiring and informative. Thanks for making this and sharing. I'm vegetarian, so I'm not gonna buy the shirt, but I can appreciate the humor.....veggie burgers are darn fine too :-)


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Loved this. A great reminder about how refreshing non-chin-stroking Art can be. Also love the technique notes. More 'Meet The Artist' features please!