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On Black Friday evening - when the shopping bags are full, the credit cards are maxxed out, and the minor contusions and lacerations are treated - it's time to gather round for a hearty, traditional Black Friday dinner. The secret to Black Friday entertaining is simple:

  1. Prepare some delicious dishes according to the recipes in Mom's recipe file, a popular magazine, or on a can of sliced beef tongue.
  2. Dye some of the food black.
  3. Serve with ugly dishes, unsettling dolls, and barf bags and/or buckets.

Just look at how a splash of black food coloring can bring your Black Friday cuisine to life! Mmm, dusky!


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Excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick,....


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I don't need to dye it, it comes out of the oven looking like that already.

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What grandmother is missing her McCall's magazine recipe cards? And where is Betsy McCall?


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Of all the oddities that come from Woot! this blog is up there in top "Weird Stuff."

"Woot and all our various sites will continue to be an independently operated company full of horrible, useless products and an untalented jerkface writing staff, same as it ever was." -- Matt Rutledge


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"I added food coloring, cause it's a holiday, but it turned black, cause I added all the food coloring I had."


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That was... dark?



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Isn't squid/octopus ink a delicacy somewhere?

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