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Edgewater Halo Earrings

What is the most exhilarating part of getting a new pair of earrings? Is it the moment you first open the box? The moment you first look at yourself in the mirror wearing them? The moment you realize you maybe have lost one on the bus? Probably that last one. Shipping Note: Too late for Christmas


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These earrings don't improve your aim or enhance your armor, other than aesthetically.


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Buyer beware! NEVER received earrings and my credit card was compromised!


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lesliemostly wrote:Buyer beware! NEVER received earrings and my credit card was compromised!

Hey there, I'm sorry about your order- I'm definitely going to check with CS on that. But, also, we take information security here very seriously, being owned by Amazon, we have a lot of big standards to live up to. If you feel your credit card was compromised after being used here, please speak with your bank, they should be able to reach us in the event they think it was a security issue on our part.

EDIT: actually I just looked at your order, and it appears part of it is simply still in transit, I'll PM you your tracking for that part of your order- you can check your PMs by clicking the envelope icon to the right of the "everything but woot" tab.