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The period costumes and hairstyles of Mad Men are so perfectly done, and the '60s production design so pervasive, that it's startling to be reminded that the cast members have lives outside the show. And that some of them have the same history of ludicrous hairstyles and inadvisable outfits that the rest of us do. As Mad Men begins its final season (or next-to-final half-season? or whatever) this weekend, can you recognize these eight cast members in their pre-Sterling-Cooper days?

Answers are here. Please post your guesses, speculations, or arguments below! But know this: the Trivial Eye is presented for public amusement and no prizes are offered other than that familiar feeling of aggravation that so much of your mind is occupied by useless trivia.

And for more Mad Men premiere pregaming, see our post from a few years ago suggesting Six Movies Mad Men Fans Should Watch.


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I have no idea who stars in "Mad Men" other than Jon Hamm (possibly #3 ?)

However, #1 appears to me it is almost certainly Christina Hendricks from "Firefly".

Is #2 a guy or a girl?