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Johann Sebastian Bach, arguably the greatest composer of all time, faces his greatest challenge: <record scratch> college life. His only hope of being popular is with the guidance of an initially-nerdy-then-suddenly-drop-dead-gorgeous website called Will he succeed on the road to popularity? Will change his tune? Can money really buy happiness? The answer to the last one is yes.

Woot is celebrating Bach To School with deals over at Sellout and through a series of helpful/unhelpful videos featuring our good pal J.S. Bach. Whether you're a Well-Tempered Clavier or a total Fugue-up, you'll want to fill your shopping cart with items like...

  • backpacks
  • computers
  • shower shoes
  • bath towels
  • desk chairs
  • harpsichord
  • rad-ass wigs
  • pipe organ cleaners

But shop Prestissimo (super duper fast), for this sale ends Sunday! After that, it won't be Bach till next year.


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I'd expect this Bach to fit in better here at Woot!.