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Among other reasons.


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Can we get DoOomcat to make this into a shirt?


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This seems completely reasonable to me.

I GOT A FRICKING LETTER (November, 2017)


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Uh, package? What package?! I didn't see any packages. (Resumes sewing up nicks and cuts, icing bruises, and nursing wounds.)

Badgeless by choice. I'm freee! Freeee!!


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I don't understand why the packages are late. Why did Scott have such a fearful face like he was seeing something? Why wasn't that something caught on camera?



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Also would explain the holes in the armpits of shirts I've received....


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That's what she said!

You can find my shirts for sale HERE or THERE!


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owlhooter wrote:Also would explain the holes in the armpits of shirts I've received....

The Anvil tag is the usual explanation for me. Its sleeve cut causes them to pinch my armpits; when I lift my arms, the seams are being pulled.

The good news is that scissors exist.

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