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samuelnyc wrote:Can someone tell me whether or not this item *must* be plugged into an electrical outlet or a USB outlet to work? I’m looking for a white noise machine that is wireless but have had little luck.

I saw this too late, but for future reference, yes, it actually *has* to be plugged in through USB somehow--it comes with an adapter, but you could also run it off a laptop, a USB power bank, etc (though you want to pick a power bank that won't shut off automatically if it thinks you've unplugged--the Lectrofan doesn't draw much power, so those banks will shut down before you want them to, thinking nothing's attached).

The Micro will run for something like 16 hours off its battery, but it's not as loud as the larger unit.


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Wow! I never expected to get Sunday delivery, but I'll take it!


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Ordered this. Got it. Like it. But it didn't have the AC adapter!

I had one already, but still, that's pretty lame.