Earlier today, while getting some batteries for my TV remote, I began reminiscing from the days of you're. A couple years ago I was graced by the enough by the almighty wootbot to receive a letter, and subsequent pallet of crap in my Bundles of Crayons the wootdunnit birthday extravaganza. It truly was a thing to behold.

Sadly, and unexpectedly I am beginning to run low on the insane number of Kodak aa batteries I received, I'm down to two and a half boxes (from eleventy bajillion).

Here's all that's left

Here's the original inventory, with updates in bold:

drewcroa wrote:The Inventory....

Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer
Still use em

2 Hanging Craft Organizersummmmm
Casio WK-200 Keyboard -- DOA as listed on RMA given to someone for a project at yard sale
16 Pc. Yellow Corningware Traditions Dish Set -- 1 mug broken currently listed on FB for sale still never used, still broken
3 Pc Bar Stool Setoooohhhh we actually use these
Tron Fathead taking up space in the garage, I need to get rid of this shit
Queen Duvetat mil's
2 Pc Blue Bath Sheets these are awesome, favorite towels, huuuuuuuge
6 Pc Amazon Brand Towel Set also very nice towels and in use
Queen Blue ComforterI think we have this to charity, maybe
3 XXXXL Giants Youth Jersey these all sold in a garage sale or on my wife's work classified,I couldn't believe it
20" Self Inflating Twin Airbed more shit taking space in the garage
Mega Paint Set my daughter soooooo wants to get into this but I just see a mess
Snap Circuits garage sale to a very excited kid
Fisher Price Stride to Ride Learning Walkergarage sale, we didn't think we'd have any more children, spoiler, we did
Baby Activity/Play Centerour son enjoyed this
5 in 1 Hi-Lite EaselI think it's in the basement, put together, gathering dust
Towel Mate Z Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser someone actually bought this shit
A Big Box o' Batteries (Kodak AA Size)see above
Lite-up Skateboard (Lights don't work)I almost killed myself, my daughter tried to I'll herself, now it's just killing the little space I have left in the garage
Haier Dehumidifier broken on arrival, tried to fix, but I didn't want to buy the control panel, some guy too it off my hands at the garage sale
Giant Trade Show Suitcase ThingI can this the destroyer of garage space
Brother XR1355 Computerized Sewing Machine (Refurb-works-missing cord) I've actually fixed a bunch of things with this, next to the batteries it's the most useful thing I got
Art101 Art Kit upstairs somewhere
2 Marvel Cover Wall Clings liquidated at garage sale
RC Sail Boat some guy was super excited to buy this
Call of Duty Headset in a Nice Box collecting dust, it may or not not work
12 Pc Bar Glassware Set sold to the highest bidder, or someone at my wife's work
Tivoli Gas TorchI almost blew myself up using a rusty propane tanks, now it's stealing space in the garage
Ogio Women's Duchess Golf Bag sold to a very happy colleague of my wife's
2 RH Nike SQ Machspeed Drivertried to sell it to play it again sports, they wouldn't take it because it was new old stock and "possibly fake", someone else bought them
1 LH Nike SQ Machspeed Driver garage sale
Bissel Vacuum (Not Sure of Model) only works as canister vacuum,
eating space

2 Used IKEA Paper Hanging LightsI think these cake from thunderthigh's kitchen, now they are in someone else's
13 Assorted Lock and Lock Containers good garage sale find for someone
20 Pc Sterilite Container Set see above storage containers
Play-Doh Cake Mountain Sethehehe, this was that recalled set
Jillian Micheals Medicine Ball Training Set garage sale
Green Wicker Chair don't two years on the porch, now it's in a landfill
Some Kind of Red Wreath ThunderThighs Wanted out of the Warehouse seriously, Wait! There's Homework? was this thing
A Scarecrow used every fall since
Dalmatian Rocking Dog used by kids for a little while, but, it was missing handles
And 1 Daughter Who Stayed Up too Late sure still stays up too late, just now she's watching those stupid blind bad visits on YouTube,
you know the ones, and had two brothers instead of one

I think that is everything.

More images to follow.