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Noticed this Friday, and it is still happening today. The product timer on the Wootoff stuff isn't refreshing like it use to. Hitting F5 brings up the same quantity left up until it is 10% lower. And when it gets down to below 10% of empty, it doesn't even necessarily refresh to "Sold Out". A Big ol' Cornucopia passed completely by before it refreshed.

Does that make sense?

Anyone else seeing the same?

Oddly, wootstalker updates correctly, and Twitter posts new stuff immediately, which is how I scored a Crappy Bag this morning.

I wish you were me and I was dead.


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Yes, that's a wonderful woot anomaly.

We have conflicting count down methods:

% sold
Time Remaining

If the item sells out, the % sold wins.

If it's not selling out, the timer rules. We can adjust the timer if we see an item is selling well. That gives us more money.... uhm, I mean more people a chance to buy it.

So yeah, the progress bar is pretty whacky.

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