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So short story, I linked my amazon account to my woot account that was made with a college email I no longer have access to. I want to switch the email to my amazon's but do not have the old password and can't log in my old email to recover it. I am only able to log into this account through my amazon's credentials. Tried contacting customer service but will not do anything for security reasons.


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So oddly enough, a sort of similar thing happened to me.

This account is connected to my Amazon account which was originally set up with an email address which no longer exists. I was able to switch the email address of the Amazon account, but while I can login to this account and make purchases, I do not get any emails whatsoever (because the Woot email address its no longer around).

Anyways, TT told me to message her with the details when I had this issue, and the simple answer right now is that developer team has been trying to figure stuff out to fix this kind of issue.

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Hi there. As qazxswe noted above, it's a known problem.

Thing is that data is put away in a black box that can't be touched by anyone. This is for your security and you're the only one that can change it.

This causes a problem when a password is forgotten and the email is no longer accessible. We have a plan to resolve this but there's no quick fix.

Now, all that said, I can help you with the CS issue.

Pls private message me with the details, order number, etc. Also, what email they should use to contact you. I'll contact CS.

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