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Hello Woot world.....
I KNOW I am not the only one who has run into this problem as I have seen other (older) threads, but I have NOT seen a resolution!
I bought one of the "Unlocked" phones a while back...(9/2016 to be honest..) but I was still under contract with Sprint, so I did not activate the phone at that time. Well, I am done with Sprint, and since I can't use that phone with AT&T, I pulled out the "new" phone I bought, and started to get it ready to activate.
Well, the 1st thing I noticed it was a "T-Mobile" phone, but I contacted AT&T to see what I needed. I gave them the IMEI number, and AT&T told me I needed to contact T-Mobile to unlock! (The phone stated it WAS "UNLOCKED!!! in the Woot ad!)
T-Mobile tells me I need the old phone number from the phone...I need the PIN the old owner used....I need the "OK" from the old owner that I can unlock this phone....
I BOUGHT IT FROM WOOT! I have NONE of that info!
I have emailed customer service only to get a "form" response that "the return/refund period is over"....I am not ASKING for a refund...I am asking for help on letting T-Mobile know this phone was purchased from WOOT in what I am SURE was a deal between Woot and T-Mobile!!!
PLEASE let me know if anyone has dealt with this issue, (I KNOW people have...they have "UNLOCKED" phones for sale all the time!!!) and how it you fixed it!


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I hope you got this resolved.


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Yep, we've been working with him.

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