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Tribe Provisions Portable Hammock-Single

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I bought several of these back when they were $11.99 on Woot! and they arrived in great shape and are of good quality. We have summer/fall camped in these and haven't faced any seam or foot-box discomfort common in cheap hammocks.


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Okay, once again, actual product dimensions are not listed. The size of the stuff sack only tells you how much room it takes up in your backpack, but to determine if the hammock will fit your body you truly need the actual length and width of the hammock. You are asking people to buy something without providing critical information. You do say it is a single, which means it could be somewhere between 3-1\2' to 5-1\2' wide and as short as 6-1\2' or as long as 10+ feet.

Over the past few months I have looked at a number of different products listed on woot! that did not list critical information, so I ended up buying them through Amazon Prime where the needed information was posted. In some cases it cost less then woot! or a couple dollars more but free shipping. Buyer Beware, shop around.

Telling customers to look it up on "Floogle" is just laziness on woot!'s part. Of course if it's too short or not wide enough, you can always send it back. Unfortunately for those customers, besides the inconvenience, they have to deal with woot! customer service, good luck. Hard to believe woot is an Amazon company, maybe the monkeys really do run the place.