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This is long overdue.
I see way too many complaints about CS and not enough praise.

I ordered 2 sets of dishes on Dec.16.

They arrived in a timely manner (I believe on the 21st) in 2 separate boxes. When I finally opened them on the 22nd, the Cuisinart boxes were inside. Each Cuisinart box had 4 individual boxes with the different pieces. When I got to the last inside box...

Oops. 2 of the mugs were shattered. Hmmmm. We really did not need 8 mugs, 6 would do. I really did not want to repack all the plates and bowls for a return. So I contacted Customer Service and enquired about maybe a partial refund. I received a reply on the 23rd. I really did not expect such a prompt reply due to the holidays. They issued a more than generous partial refund for the damage. Thank you Customer Service and especially Chaitanya for a job well done!


quality posts: 49 Private Messages moles1138

BTW...we LOVE our new dishes!


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moles1138 wrote:BTW...we LOVE our new dishes!


I've used woot CS before, they have done great for me!
I bought pillows that weren't exactly what I ordered.
I received the correct pillows in the mail soon after I told them! And I still have the old pillows.