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I had an existing account. Tried to log in on my home desktop computer. But when I tried to log in, I got the error message, "Username is already in use."

Well, duh. That user name is already in use because *I* was using it! :-)

Here is the weird part: No matter what I next tried to do (contact customer service, log in again, create a new account, etc), I *always* was directed back to that same error page.

Finally, I had to give up on my desktop. Went to my Kindle tablet and tried to log in. Password did not work, for some reason. I hit the "reset password," got the correct email from Woot, followed the instructions to change the password...all good, right? Wrong! After doing this, still on the tablet, Woot AGAIN forced me to that same error page, no matter what I tried to do.

Third attempt: I went to my last device that I own--my laptop computer. Instead of trusting Woot to fix the problem, this time I was smart enough to immediate create a new account (ie, the one I'm now using). Once I had this new account, things worked fine.

It's no big deal using an unfamiliar username with this one website. But So. Weird. that--when the Woot website senses a problem--its default response was, "No matter what you do, we will force you to this error page, so it will be, literally, impossible to fix your problem...or even address it.

I don't think it's exactly a happy ending to my tale of woe and drama. But, at least, it is a successful ending. :-)


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Make sure you're clicking "Sign In" and not "Register" nor "Create your Woot Account".


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Hi there. If, as bsmith mentioned, you weren't clicking the wrong thing to log in, private message me with the info on your existing account - username, email.

To private message me, click on the envelope next to my name in this post. To check your PMs, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

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