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No April Fools gag this year? That used to be like Woot's Superbowl. What's up?


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acraigl wrote:No April Fools gag this year? That used to be like Woot's Superbowl. What's up?

The lack of a gag is the biggest gag of all.

I GOT A FRICKING LETTER (November, 2017)


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Maybe we'll get something later, when we least expect it.


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acraigl wrote:No April Fools gag this year? That used to be like Woot's Superbowl. What's up?

In today's product thread:

ThunderThighs wrote:Hey all. We opted to respect Easter and not cloud it by doing a lame April Fools prank.

Good news is that they won't fall on the same day again until 2029.

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I demand separation of Church and Woot!

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I'd rather have the pranks, personally, but to each their own.

I GOT A FRICKING LETTER (November, 2017)


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mikebbass wrote:I demand separation of Church and Woot!



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Amazon PR said there was no ROI on April Fools Day pranks.




Ok it’s after midday so I am the fool! Also this prank is a little too easy for Wooters to believe! But it’s not true. Honest! WHY WON’T YOU BELIEVE ME?!

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I remember a year that April Fools' fell on Sunday and they did nothing more than a fake protest video featuring Jason Toon and his ukulele. And that was the year woot printed a calendar which promised a prank that would "melt the internet" (I think?).

I think they just don't want to pay people to do stuff on Sunday. Also, there are way fewer writers now.