Television for Dads! Television for Grads! Also lads, cads, and mad sad Chads.


Ch 2 - Travellin' Voice Jesse has to shout for help across a waterfall or a little girl may die. Meanwhile Donna's taking a cooking class in space!

Ch 4 - Rotting Nest The Rotting family have to clean up before the landlord arrives in this special series finale!

Ch 6 - Catfish Lacrosse In this all-new episode, nine catfish have been taught the rules of lacrosse, but only seven can survive. Brought to you by Hank's Tiny Tiny Lacrosse Sticks!

Ch 10 - The Oldest Water Contestants drink paper cups of room-temperature water and try to guess how long it's been there.

Ch 11 - Wake Up with Susan Ekklenthruk Susan Ekklenthruk screams a name until that person calls in and asks her to stop. Today: Dean Mobblig!

Ch 12 - Ink Chef Learn how to hide ink in common foods with the Ink Chef.

Ch 14 - EBS Test An exciting sci-fi adventure into a possible future where something goes wrong. Can you guess what it is before the test is over?

Ch 18 - Drop! And Give Me Ten! Rick Blittle in this TV movie about a WWI Marine hiding a dark secret from his commander: he can't do a push up.

Ch 22 - Drop! And Give Me Twenty! Nick Blittle in this TV movie about a WWII Marine hiding a dark secret from his commander: he can't do a push up.

Ch 25 - Brother Vs Brother: Live Coverage Of The Ch 18 vs Ch 22 Plagiarism Trial feat. the Blittle Brothers

Ch 30 - Race The Devil Contestants race the actual devil! Losers forfeit their soul. Winners find the prizes are actually cursed and also forfeit their soul. Audience members invited to forfeit their soul. One lucky home viewer each week chosen to forfeit their soul.

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