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Just like the election, it's Red vs Blue! Sorry if you thought about buying a third party vacuum.

It's time we just accept it: no politician is going to clean up anything. It doesn't matter if they're deep red or brilliant blue. They're all dirty and they all leave messes behind. Unlike a Shark Rotator Vacuum.

If purchased, this Shark Rotator Vacuum promises to clean up your home. It doesn't matter if it's your bedroom, your living room, or the hallway that leads to your porch, this Shark Rotator Vacuum will clean up whatever you, the constituent/purchaser, may ask it to clean.

And if you choose to leave the Shark Rotator Vacuum lying in a closet doing nothing? Hey! You can do that too! And nobody will blame you. In fact, no one will even suspect you're the true power behind the Shark Rotator Vacuum, pushing the handle and flipping the switch.

That's right. You're not buying a cleaning tool. You're buying the feeling of being a billionaire lobbyist. So choose whichever color you most prefer! Red? Blue? Who cares! Either one will be happy to let you push it around all day while sucking.

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Shark NV500-FS Rotator Vacuum

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Shark NV500-FS Rotator Vacuum
$99.99 In Stock Home & Garden
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