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Hail stranger! Me Mok. Mok fall into glacier long ago. Unfroze, now bring you great deals at Woot!

Which why today Mok thrilled to bring you the HP Pavillion 15.6" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptop.

HP Pavillion Touchscreen is light! Much lighter than five-ton granite obelisk Mok convinced controls rise and set of sun!

It 15.6” HD LED-backlit touchscreen display such realistic resolution, Mok spear first one he saw with cave bear wallpaper. Whew. Close one, Mok.

1TB hard drive store many video, rich media and photo of elk. Much elk! Why you like elk so much, Mok? LOL.

SuperMulti DVD±RW drive good for store cured fish – great for hominid-on-the-go!

AMD A10-5745M 2.1GHz quad-core processor and 8610G AMD Radeon HD graphics processing make for much thinkfast. Kind of intelligence undoubtedly sweep across Europe with its knowledge of stone tools, Excel.

What you expect pay for such sorcery? Many pelt? Children of vanquished foe? No! Wave hands and speak magic words “VEESA!MASTACÆRD! DIZCO-VARR!” and spirits of departed ancestors bring box right to your home, office, or bush you squat in.

Yes, the HP Pavillion 15.6" Touchscreen Quad-Core enchanted god-box certainly better computer than Mok owned when he first froze in glacier way back in 2009.

Your friend,

[Mok Torgenson, CPA]

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HP 15.6" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptop

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HP 15.6" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptop
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