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It's like paper but it's cool.

Oh, don't make that face, you paper-loving luddite. Yes, there will always be room for lovely hand-bound notebooks and pens, but guess what? Back when notebooks and pens came out, there were people just like you saying "Oh, technology will never replace cave walls and dabs of red mud." And how many people are left still making deer shapes on stone walls? That's right. Just a few "folk art" types in Portland.

And so what if this laptop replaces the old fashioned pen and paper? How often were you sitting down to hand-write a note to the milk man, anyway? How many times did you write a sonnet, or a short one act play, or a story about the human condition? Because nine times out of ten, what you did was doodle a bunch of dirty pictures and scribble out NEED MIKL THURS only to leave that note on the table anyway.

Face facts: the pen and paper is like a flower in your lapel: lovely and a great fashion statement, but not really functional any more. If you love it, love it! But sooner or later, you're going to need to contact someone in 21st Century reality. And that's when you'll need this HP Laptop to help you out.

Unless, of course, you're just planning on staying in Portland. Hey, they've got some great beer up there. You could get by.

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HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17" Full-HD Core i7 Touch Laptop
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