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It's like a window, only better.

Windows are great because they give us so much stuff to look at. But after awhile, looking out the window can be boring. Same trees. Same ground. Same sky. Same creepy guy walking his dog looking at you looking at him. Same old same old.

This monitor is like a window, only way better. Like a window, you can spend all your time staring at it. That's pretty much all it's good for, actually. Just staring and staring while a series of images and text flashes in front of you endlessly in a long, meaningless stream. It sounds great, right?

Use it to look at pictures of your friends and family! Use it to look at serious documents and important emails! Use it to look at news and weather reports! You could even use it to look at pictures of windows, if you really wanted to.

But you probably already have a window in your house that you could just look at in person. So maybe don't use it to look at a picture of a window. But use it for all that other stuff, for sure.

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
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