We need to talk about the air situation.

We've gotten better since the '80s, but the hard truth is that we still live in a society of excess. We let water flow freely from hoses onto mounds of earth filled to the brim with seeds that will sprout sustenance so bountiful that much of it will be composted and returned to the ground, only to be watered and toiled over again in a never-ending cycle of waste. We should be disgusted with ourselves.

Instead, we turn blind eyes and deaf ears on an issue of even greater pervasiveness - the issue of wasted air. Look around. Exactly how much air in your general vicinity is just sitting there unused at this moment? Think about it, then let it sink it. Sobering, isn't it? But it's not too late to change. Years from now, we can be remembered as the generation of air pioneers, the ones who stood up and said, "Wasted air? NOT ON OUR WATCH."

And so we present to you the Tower Inflatable Lounger. Give all that free-floating air a purpose. It's not a choice. It's our duty as humans.


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Tower Inflatable Lounger
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