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That's it. They've run out of names.

The Yoga. Really. The Yoga. We've used all the fruit names, all the animal names, all the plant names, all the names of all the stars in the sky, and now we're up to exercise and wellness? Is that right? Because we gotta be honest, Lenovo, you might have a nice little laptop here, but you need to start thinking very seriously about names.

Because this path you're on, this is a path that begins to fall apart after a certain point. Because this is the path that ends with you releasing the Lenovo Karate or the Lenovo Muay Thai and then all of a sudden we're back in 1974. This is the path that ends with you switching to the Lenovo Buddhist Meditation which will confuse everyone who just wants to buy a laptop. Sure, it might be fun for a person who lives the lifestyle to have a laptop named after their exercise routine, but what next? Do you ever plan to release the Lenovo Golf Sunday?

It's a point for you that you didn't go name things after desserts like Android did, but you're still not a champion. Not yet. Just this once we'll let it slide, but please, going forward, consider using a different naming scheme. Maybe cute animals? The Lenovo Snuggly Pup has a great ring to it. Or what about the Lenovo Sunbeam Kitty? The Lenovo Tiny Pig? We're happy to help as needed...

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11.6" Touch Ultrabook
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