Light is the source of all brightness. Hi, welcome to your first day of light training. 

Let's all turn on our Energetic Lighting shop lights and stare directly into them. Wow, that's bright. See everyone? Do you notice how the--ok stop. I can't see anything. Ow. Arg. My eyes. Take five everybody.

*** 18 minutes later ***

Ok everyone, we're back. Everyone ok? Ok. Let's turn on our Energetic Lighting wor--OUCH. Oh MAN I just got SEVERELY shocked. Oh ow. Curtis, did you wire these in correctly? Well obviously NOT, I just got shocked and you burned down our last shop. Oh really? Fine, let's take this outside. Take five everybody.

*** 27 minutes later ***

Everyone just go home. 

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4' Work Lights - Your Choice

4' Work Lights - Your Choice
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