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Laptops are a lot like sandwiches: Customizable, affordable, and always preferable to salad.

All-new features available on the HP 15F100DXREF notebook

-Saxtastrophe®: Automatically plays a sax solo every time you receive an email bearing bad news. Now enriched with Blues™ technology.

-StoatFindr: Hot new app that lets you find single stoats in your area

-Ketchup Nozzle: Sometimes you want ketchup

-What does this extra screw go to?© At last, an answer to your most urgent DYI question.

-Entropy Pro©: Ergonomic trackpad; right-clicking punches a hole in time

-Modesty Drape: Protect the elderly from unsightly USB ports

-Keyboard Ghost®: Proprietary paranormal technology that peppers your business correspondence with filthy language. Don’t actually install Keyboard Ghost.

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HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Touch Laptop

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HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Touch Laptop
$299.99 In Stock Electronics > Computers
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