On this episode of Ghost Drone Hunters ...

We're here on the site of this old abandoned toy factory where there have been reports of possible ghost drone activity. Last night, we set up this tape recorder to see if we could capture any EDP, or Electronic Drone Phenomenon. We've just reviewed the tapes, and we think we got something. Listen to this ...

:::BUZZING NOISE:::killllll:::BUZZING NOISE:::I'll kill youuuu:::BUZZING NOISE::: 

Did you hear that?! We might have genuine ghost drone buzzing in this recording! Let's try to filter out that annoying voice ... 

:::DIEEEEE:::quiet buzzing noise:::YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE:::quiet buzzing noise:::I'M A GHOST AND I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALLLLL:::

Oh whoops! I turned up the wrong track. Let me reverse that and ...

:::LOUD BUZZING NOISE:::I don't think you understand:::LOUD BUZZING NOISE:::I was murdered here a hundred years ago and I will exact my revenge on you because I'm a real human ghooooooost:::LOUD BUZZING NOISE:::

It's so clear! If only that stupid voice wasn't ... wait a sec. Hey Chuck, where did you put the tape recorder last night?

Chuck: I attached it to my drone and flew it all around the room to see if we'd get better readings in different spots.

OH G*D D*MM*T, CHUCK! The buzzing wasn't from a ghost drone! It was from YOUR drone, you dumb****! Welp, pack it up, everyone. There's obviously nothing here worth reporting.

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