Just Add Water! (laugh track goes here)

Just Add Water is filmed before a live studio audience.

BATH TOWEL 1: Hey, what's going on in here, honey? What are you doing on the towel rack?

BATH TOWEL 2: Oh, just hanging around!

(laugh track goes here)

HAND TOWEL 1: Say, can you guys keep it down over there?

HAND TOWEL 2: Yeah, this is a shared rack! We're trying to get some sleep!

(oooo sound effect goes here)

BATH TOWEL 1: Hey! You might be our neighbors-

HAND TOWEL 2: I wake up every day hoping we won't be.

(laugh track goes here)

BATH TOWEL 1: -but that doesn't mean you can push us around on our own rack!


BATH TOWEL 2: Oh, dear. You've woken the twins.

(laugh track goes here)

HAND TOWEL 2: Look, I'm sorry about the twins.

BATH TOWEL 1: You should be. I wasn't born on this rack like you were. I started out in a crumple on the floor.

HAND TOWEL 2: Aw, we all had it hard. Last week they used me to clean the dog.

HAND TOWEL 1: That reminds me, you never told me how that was.


(laugh track goes here)

BATH TOWEL 1: All I'm saying is my family and I deserve a little respect.

HAND TOWEL 2: And all I'm saying is that my family and I deserve a little peace and quiet!

Bath Towel 1 and Hand Towel 2 glare, then soften, then laugh.

HAND TOWEL 1: What? What just happened?

BATH TOWEL 2: Yeah, are you two friends now?

BATH TOWEL 1: We sure are.

HAND TOWEL 2: Best friends!

BATH TOWEL 1: Because we figured something out.

HAND TOWEL 1: What's that?

BATH TOWEL 2: Yeah, tell us!

BATH TOWEL 1 and HAND TOWEL 2: We're cut from the same cloth!

(laugh track goes here)


(laugh track goes here)

(end credits and closing theme)

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