It's a lot easier than rewiring the kitchen sink to give you coffee.

What is best in life? Hot, fresh coffee. But we can't just throw beans into the local water source because, for some strange reason, not everyone agrees with us about what's best in life. But don't freak, and don't surrender. Just go to the kitchen and use this lovely coffee maker to get yourself your own caffination supply.

Black? Sweetened? Milk-filled? Dash of hot sauce? It doesn't matter if you drink your java cut with cold tomato soup! Even the gross-sounding mixtures like "tincture of broccoli" and "chocolate code red" can mix in just fine, once you've made the coffee in your very own home. Just because no decent barista would be caught dead mixing up "Angel Food & Beer With Lemon Zest Mayo" as a coffee flavor, who cares? You can do anything in the privacy of your own home! ANYTHING!

That's what makes America great. Well, that and a steady supply of coffee.

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Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker
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