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The gel inside is actually chocolate pudding*.

Even if you don't believe us, you can't prove us wrong, because the only way to prove us wrong would be to slice open your new mattress topper and squeeze the gel out, which would certainly ruin it in the process.

Plus, there wouldn't be any gel to squeeze out, because the gel inside is actually chocolate pudding. Like we said before.

We just want you to know so that at night when you go to bed, you'll drift off happily, thinking about the sweet, sweet chocolate pudding in your "gel" mattress topper and the way that it provides the perfect amount of firmness and flexibility for your comfort. You'll have chocolate pudding dreams.


*DISCLAIMER: Please do not eat the gel inside of this mattress. There is a significant chance it might not actually be chocolate pudding.

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Simmons Curv™ 3" Gel Memory Foam Topper
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