We're forgetting what real food is! Here's a hint: real food doesn't happen instantly.

There's something missing in the holodeck kitchens of today. Sure, the lovely purples and blues are pretty, but the weird plumes of future-smoke simply don't give our Meat-2 and Carb-4 items the zest we've come to expect. And that's why it's time to take a page from the audiophile magazine. It's time to move back to a deep fryer.

Using real ingredients and real heat, this T-Fall Deep Fryer will use the power of analog to heat your food items of choice, while throwing in an added benefit: that delicious fried taste you simply can't generate through the manipulation of hologramatic fields.

Stay away from the replicators and turn down the instant noodles. Good food takes time! Not a lot of time! But a reasonable amount of time! This Deep Fryer celebrates the one thing the digital age has forgotten: limited patience.

Like, you don't want to roast a turkey or anything. Who's gone time for THAT? What is this, 1841?

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T-Fal Oil Filtration EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer

T-Fal Oil Filtration EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer
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