Hey, you might not have heard of this thing. It's pretty obscure.

So there's this company, you know. They're called Apple. They don't really keep a high profile or anything so it's super easy to miss them. Kinda under the radar, you know? But they do have this cool tablet thing. I forget what it's called, nobody really talks about them much. It's just one of those little companies you run into sometimes.

Like once, I was on vacation, right? And I went on a hike and I found this tiny little store that made soaps and jellies. And I bought, like, ten of each, and they were the best soaps and the best jellies and then, next year, I wasn't sure if they'd still be there because they were so remote! But they were! And I was so happy, because I knew a little place off the beaten path that nobody had ever heard of.

And that's what I think we're looking at here. Just a little company that keeps to itself and makes these tiny cool tablets nobody ever really mentions or talks about or whatever. I think maybe they whittle them too. I'm not sure on that, so don't quote me, but look at that button in the middle. Doesn't that look like whittling? I bet it's whittled.

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iPad mini (Gen 2) Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablets

iPad mini (Gen 2) Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablets
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