Hey, you better get this before National Novel Writing Month in the fall!

Oh, sorry, did we say National Novel Writing Month? We meant "Plan To Write What's Probably A Sci-Fi Novel But Instead Give Up On The Second Weekend After Being Several Thousand Words Behind Month" instead. But, hey, maybe THIS year will be different, right? And when it IS different, you can print your 40,000 word masterpiece about flying cat gladiators in the 86th century on this great new HP Printer! Why, can't you imagine how happy the publishers will be to FINALLY have someone pass them a manuscript that answers the question "What would happen if a Time Lord also owned a light saber in the Matrix?"

Alternatively, maybe you, Small Publisher, would also like an HP Printer like this to help you out around the office. It'll sure beat having to write all those rejection letters by hand.

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HP ENVY 4500 All-In-One Wireless Printer

HP ENVY 4500 All-In-One Wireless Printer
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