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It's cheaper than actually paying to go to the college!

How many people pick a school based on their favorite college sports team? A ton. A ton of people pick their school based on their favorite college sports team. We've all met people who lived their life towards a college because their dad loved the basketball team, or their mom loved the football team, or their grandparent loved the lacrosse team or whatever. And so, they and their family spend thousands of dollars just so they and their family can brag about the connection.

So here's our tip: buy this officially licensed hoodie, and then tell yourself you're not going to class today. Get some friends and order pizza and sneak some beers in under your shirt. Watch your team play and then shout a lot and then set your couch on fire in the street and spend the night in jail. Then call your parents for money, which they'll have, because they didn't spend it on the college classes you didn't attend in favor of sleeping late and partying.

Trust us. You'll save so much money doing it our way.

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NCAA Hoodies
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