Just you wait, hi-fi and sunken shag rugs are COMING BACK

If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's the path of trends. Oh, yes, we've measured it. We've been measuring it since the '30s non-stop. Trends are born, go dormant, resurrect ironically, go dormant again, then return proudly to a generation that inherits all the stuff their grandparents owned. It happened when '60s kids drove '30s cars, it happened when '80s kids went to '50s diners, it happened when '10s hipsters got into '70s haircuts and music, and it's gonna happen to the classic '90s entertainment center really really soon.

Before long we'll all be gathered in our "living rooms" in front of a "television" or listening to "Compact Discs" on our "stereo system." What great names they had for things back then! Isn't it fun to think we'll be saying them again while wearing our "flannel shirts" and "sneakers" like we did when we were young? Oh, and don't forget the soundbars. They work just like the cool boom boxes of old, except they sound better and also you have to plug them into something else.

It's a shame that 2020 will probably be the last time culture exists in the world. After all, once the '90s kids are gone, what's left? Everybody knows nothing happened between 2000-2017, right? What will there be to trend back to? Unless... who wants to try RETRO RETRO? INCEPTION NOISE

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Klipsch R-20B Bluetooth Soundbar
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