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The stinking e-mail addresses

Please, please, PLEASE read carefully before you send an email. Make sure your issue is appropriate to the address you click on. If you send a service question to the purchasing department, don't be surprised if it languishes in email purgatory.

One last try, before you write us: did you post in the community forums ? It might be the fastest way to get an answer, if you can wade through the crazies. Ok, on to our addresses:

To email a resume (various positions available, more detail here):

For Shirt.Woot Artists:

General Artist or Payment Questions:


Corporate Mailing Address

We're supposed to list this for important bid'ness stuff — cease and desists, corporate take-over attempts, and collection notices on our unpaid bar tabs. In other words, things we should ignore. If you have something you want us to read, save a tree and use email, folks. LLC
4121 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

Customer Service Problem?

Give us your issues. Your questions. Your inquiries. About your order, our site, your account, our deals, and everything in between. We're here for you.

But not here here. Hit us up at our Support page.