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The Debunker: Do Movies Work Through "Persistence of Vision"?

by Ken Jennings

This is the season of Hollywood's unrestrained id: the brainless summer blockbuster, the air-conditioned multiplex, the bottomless popcorn refills, the avalanche of kids emerging blinking into bright sunlight, waiting for their parental pickup. But August is also the anniversary of the movies themselves! It was on August 31, 1897 that Thomas Edison patented his first movie camera, the Kinetograph. In honor of 119 years of cinematic glitz and glamour, we've asked movie buff and Jeopardy! tough Ken Jennings to give us the "reel" truth on all kinds of old-movie misinformation.

The Debunker: Do Movies Work Through "Persistence of Vision"?

Nearly every work on film theory begins with one starting principle: that the illusion of motion in motion pictures is only possible through a phenomenon called "persistence of vision." This was a turn-of-the-century attempt to explain the miracle that makes cinema possible: images flash on a screen, and even though they don't move, our brain believes they do. Psychologists decided that something called "persistence of vision" must be involved: some kind of retinal after-image in the eye itself weaves the still images together into a moving whole.

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Monday, August 15

Music Monday: The Devil

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today we celebrate the seasonably warm weather with a salute to the dark force of the hottest place in the Universe: The Devil! In music, of course, The Devil means something very different than in religion. In fact, the devil doesn't always mean the same thing between different songs! One Devil isn't always the other Devil, if you follow us. And if you don't, you will when you finish today's Music Monday.

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast


Iron Maiden's Devil is the Devil from a horror story. This the the jump-scare Devil that comes from camp-outs and old wives' tales. Even though they took flack for being scary Satanists, this song is really more cautionary. There are bad things in the woods, and if you get too close, you might be taken against your will.

More Deviltry to come!

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